24 Hour Answering Services for Private Aviation



When businesses deal with companies all over the world, they sometimes have to fly out at a moment’s notice. They might not be able to rely on commercial airlines, so they will hire a private jet with an experienced pilot to take them on last minute business trips. As a business that serves elite clientele, you have to be able to provide them with exceptional service. That includes having an answering service covering your phones when those clients need you.

Appointment Setting

When your elite clients are in the middle of a phone call with a company overseas, they want to be able to schedule a flight during the phone call or immediately after it. For you, that might be the middle of the night. While you can’t be there for clients 24 hours a day, you have to make them feel as if you are.

With access to your calendar, a call answering service like AnswerHero can see what you have scheduled and make more appointments for you based on criteria you’ve worked out beforehand. They can block out a flight time based on calculations provided on how long a flight can last. Once operators are given a script, they’ll be able to function as an extension of your business. See more here about appointment setting services.

Message Taking and Call Transfer

In some cases, the clients might want to talk to you. They won’t want to leave a message and so, if they fit in the guidelines that you’ve specified, we will route their calls to you. Otherwise, we’ll take a message and send  to your phone, email or fax the next morning.

Contact AnswerHero to learn more about our services for pilots who work with elite clientele. We’ll treat your customers like royalty when they call, and act as an extension of your office.

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