3 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Answering Service for Your Business

answering a call

You might need to hire an answering service if you find yourself with the following problems on a daily or weekly basis. Your staff might be overwhelmed with phone calls, but it doesn’t require another staff member. You just need an answering service. These 3 signs point to your company needing an answering service immediately.

Staff Distracted with Non-Essential Calls

If your staff complains about the amount of time they spend on calls that are not essential to their jobs, you need an answering service. When staff is distracted with calls that can be handled by people with less knowledge, you’ll be saving money by having calls routed directly to the staff members as needed. Find out more about our call routing and transfer services. AnswerHero provides free summary reports or fax delivery as required throughout the day too.

Voicemail is Constantly Full

When staff members are finding their voicemail full as they answer calls regarding basic information and questions, they could benefit from the assistance of an answering service. Staff members can return calls from customers that have specific needs that only they will be able to address. Your employees can lose time and productivity when answering basic questions from customers. They could spend their time doing more important tasks that are essential for your business.

Your Business Handles Emergencies

If you’re in a business that handles emergencies, an answering service will be essential for providing customers with the level of service they expect. For example, doctors require an answering service for their patients. There are other industries that handle emergencies too. Lawyers, dental offices, window replacement companies could benefit from a 24 hour answering service like AnswerHero that provides emergency call answering.

These are just 3 signs you could use the assistance of an answering service like AnswerHero. Give us a call to find out about our simple upfront pricing as well as call dispatching, live message relay and lead capture.

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