4 Reasons You Should Move Away From Voicemail


Let’s face it: voicemail is going the way of the dinosaurs. It’s very nearly extinct. In fact, you might as well quit leaving voicemail messages now. Here are four compelling reasons to break your voicemail habit.

Voicemail Wastes Everybody’s Time

Voicemail is annoying for businesses and clients alike:

  • A client has to listen to the recorded message and then hope that someone responds.
  • The business has to access the messages and take the time to listen to them.

Everyone has better things to do with those minutes. Scanning texts or emails is much faster. That’s why we provide you with emails or texts that you can scan in seconds. We transcribe your messages into written forms before passing them on to the business.

You Might Be Ignored

Here’s some cautionary advice: Don’t leave voicemails about pressing matters. 30 percent of messages aren’t listened to until at least three days later. One out of every five people never listens to messages. If you want to make sure that your calls are heard, keep calling until you speak to a live person. Otherwise, your words might just disappear into the voicemail abyss.

A Live Voice Shows Attention to Detail

Which company would you rather work with:

  • The one where you have to leave a message and hope you get a response?
  • The one where a live person takes your call?

About 80 percent of callers hang up instead of leaving a voicemail. They simply have no confidence that leaving a message will be a worthwhile use of their time. On the other hand, companies that actually answer the phone get customers’ business because they project an air of confidence and reliability.

Ditching Voicemail May Put You Ahead of the Curve

Let’s face it: Experts have been predicting the death of voicemail for nearly 10 years now. If it’s on its way out, why not reduce your reliance on it now? Start communicating in new ways – by sending emails or dealing only with businesses that pick up the phone, and by hiring a company to make sure that every call that comes in gets answered by a professional, live person.

A Service You Can Count On
Our fully bilingual English/Spanish 24/7/365 service means that whether your customers call during the day, at night, or on the weekend, we’ll answer with friendly, professional greetings. Our simple, upfront pricing means we never charge extra, even during your busy holiday season. Every day of the year, your customers are in good hands with AnswerHero.

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