4 Ways Landscapers Can Benefit from Call Answering Services

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Landscapers busy adding beauty and value to home and business exteriors don’t always have time to focus on taking calls. And forwarding calls to landscapers or owners who happen to be at a site where grass is being mowed, trees are being trimmed, and other types of loud equipment are in use may not be all that practical. The solution for landscapers looking to avoid missed calls from potential new customers is to consider turning to a call answering service. Here are four reasons why.

1. Never Missing Customer Calls

If a potential customer can’t get a hold of your landscaping business, they’ll move on to a competitor. Even if you only miss a few calls here and there, the impact on your business can be significant. The same is true if you have current customers trying to get a hold of you with new landscaping requests. With a call service, all calls will be answered, even after your normal business hours.

2. Easily Organizing Calls

When a call answering service takes messages, they can gather some basic details from callers. This info can be used to help you sort through and prioritize messages as per your directions. You might, for example, prefer to have calls from customers requesting estimates or project quotes flagged so you can quickly call these people back.

3. Conveniently Routing Calls

Hiring a call answering service for your landscaping business doesn’t just mean handling calls after hours. You can either specify certain hours of the day when you need a helping hand with incoming calls, or arrange to have all calls answered and routed to the appropriate party. For instance, a customer calling about lawn maintenance service plans might be directed to someone in your main office while someone calling for urgent assistance with storm damage may be directed to the owner.

4. Inspiring Good Customer Feedback

Good feedback from customers can be what inspires other property owners in your service area to choose your landscaping company over a competitor. By making an effort to handle calls better, you’ll be giving customers another reason to say something positive about your business. This is significant because research suggests most people give reviews the same weight as recommendations from friends.

Handling calls better may seem like a small thing. However, improved customer engagement can easily result in an improved reputation for landscapers. More importantly, it can be a smart way to attract more customers and boost revenue intake. AnswerHero can help landscapers see results like this with 24/7 answering, bilingual calling services, and an assortment of virtual receptionist options.

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