6 Reasons to Hire an Answering Service

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1. Stay Ahead Of the Competition!

With 24/7 answering service from AnswerHero, your business is now open all day every day. Just think about it; any business would benefit from having friendly and knowledgeable assistants, but what if these assistants were reachable at any time? These individuals are hard workers that will always be there to professionally represent your brand.

2. Give Your Business a Professional Image

Missing a call often means missing a sale. With a 24 hour answering service, however, clients will quickly come to recognize your business as one that is always there for them.

3. Reduce Your Costs

Keeping your workforce small can save your business a lot of money. With an answering service, you won’t need to hire extra employees and you’ll still be able to provide excellent customer service.

4. Improve Your Quality of Service

Customers want their needs addressed immediately and with an answering service, that is more than possible. Calls can be answered in accordance with your business requirements by assistants reading from scripts. This way, customers will always be satisfied that they can reach you and be provided with the solutions they need.

5. Return on Investments

By ensuring you never miss a call, you are making sure that your business is able to gain money 24/7. AnswerHero offers answering services starting at only $79 a month. The service can practically pay for itself and much more.

6. Bilingual Services

Bilingual Services are offered at no additional costs. This means that customers who speak a different language can be handled just like everyone else, resulting in more business for you and a more memorable experience for them.

Still wondering why you need 24 hour support?

  •  callers will hang up if they reach a voicemail
  •  new customers will call a competitor if you don’t answer the first time
  •  callers won’t even know they’re speaking to an answering service!

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