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It’s so simple. When you become an Office Sense Affiliate, we give you a tracking link that you can share through an ad, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, on your blog, or anyway you choose! You will earn income for every customer that signs up for a AnswerHero™ through your link. It’s that easy!

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AnswerHero™ Affiliate Benefits

As a website owner, blogger, or industry influencer you might already have a strong following who view your content. By Highlight how an answering service/virtual receptionist could benefit their business, you’ll earn passive income.

Earn 75% Commission

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How the Program Works

When you become an affiliate you get a special unique tracking link.

When we receive visitors through your affiliate link, we associate them with you affiliate account.

When they sign up for our services (either on that visit or on a subsequent you get 75% commision!

You get paid monthly for all the new customers you refer.

Become an Affiliate

Example Case Studies


You refer Joe to us, and he signs up for the $99 plan.

You get a 75% commission – thats


You refer Sophie to us, and she signs up for the $685 plan.

You get a 75% commission – thats


You refer Tom to us, and he signs up for the $200 plan.

You get a 75% commission – thats

Recieve your check on the 20th of the month for $738
That’s just from three accounts!

Become an Affiliate

As an Affiliate what tools do I get?

Banner Ads

Easy and Attractive ads to post on your site or blog.

Case Studies

Customer case studies, testimonials and quotes.

Dedicated Managers

Our Dedicated Marketing Manager is Here to Help You.

We have an experience, dedicated marketing manager available to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Whether your quesitons are of a technical nature of if you simply want to find ourmore about the program, we are here to help.

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