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How Poor Customer Service Can Impact Businesses

Poor customer service negatively impacts businesses in a number of ways.  Small business are at greater risk when customers are treated badly, since they often rely on regular clients and customer referral advertising to survive.  Not only do these businesses risk alienating current clients when they are treated poorly — the office can also gain…
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Managing High Incoming Calls in a Medical Office

Many practices complain about the volume of incoming telephone calls and how much time their employees spend handling them. Instead of continually adding more employees to handle more calls, smart practices are determining ways to reduce the volume of telephone calls. In this article, you will learn how to: Design telephone protocols that allow staff…
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7 Tips on Business Phone Etiquette

The telephone is a tool used frequently throughout the day during normal business activities.  Once could view the phone as a link to the world and everything that goes on outside of the office.  This makes exceptional customer service vital for receptionists and customer service agents, and why they must be properly trained to handle…
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Four Ways of Improving Customer Service in a Medical Office

Customer service should always be the cornerstone and core value of any medical office.  It helps to better differentiate your practice from your competition, and positive customer referrals are always cheaper than paid advertising.  Since most medical practices treat ailments in a similar manner, with the same medication, the office staff at your medical practice…
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Six Non-Negotiable Customer Service Tips for Receptionists

Whether you are taking a call or greeting a client in person, presenting a professional persona is vital in Customer Service positions. Always ensure you take care of your clients you are communicating with via telephone by making them feel important and well-informed.  Regardless of whether you work as a receptionist in the front office, or…
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Strategies for Overcoming Language Barriers with Customers

  When dealing with clients who either cannot speak English or know very little of the language, there are a variety of ways businesses can overcome the communication barrier.  The following list includes suggestions companies can use when they have a high volume of customers who consider English as a second or other language. Show…
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