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How Answering Services Can Save You Time and Money

Businesses today are looking for all possible ways to stay profitable. A combination of the slow economy and increased competition make it necessary for companies to cut costs. However, it is not always necessary to cut corners. Businesses can use virtual services to help with everyday tasks, helping the business save time and money. An…
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Call-Answering Services Still Relevant

Thanks to modern communication technologies, such as cell phones, voicemail, voice recognition, email, and instant messaging, to name a few, switchboard operators including telephone answering services are going the way of the dinosaur — extinct. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, answering services are projected to have one of the largest job declines,…
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Communication Etiquette

As a professional representing a company, it is your job to take note of proper form in all your messages with clients. There may be a few days throughout the year where you feel that you simply do not want to deal with your more difficult clients. You still must find a way to appear…
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Tornadoes and How Call Answering Services Can Help

Call answering services provide a valuable aspect of protecting the public during disasters. These types of facilities exist for the purpose of connecting individuals who are trying to reach businesses with employees who are trained to take care of whatever problem the caller is experiencing. More often than not, call answering services base their very…
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The Importance of First Impressions

First contact with a business for a prospective client forms the basis for all future interaction. Within the first few minutes of contact a potential customer will likely decide whether or not to continue with the relationship. While ideally every client’s first conversation would be with a seasoned customer service professional that cannot always be…
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Call Answering Services

  As a business, having a call answering service is one of the most beneficial assets you can have. AnswerHero allows for you to expand your operations and provide an easy, simple and great call answering service for as low as 79 dollars per month. How is a call answering service like AnswerHero going to…
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