Call Answering Services for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Agent Handing Over the Keys in Front of Vacant Business Office.

Commercial real estate is a busy field, and brokers stay occupied working with clients and keeping abreast of local real estate trends.

  • A broker spends a good deal of time away from the office to show or inspect properties.
  • A commercial real estate broker must invest time in studying real estate trends.
  • A commercial broker fields questions from buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants.

Commercial real estate brokers work hard for their commissions and dedicate long hours to their businesses. AnswerHero can lighten that load with virtual receptionist services.

  • We can schedule times for clients to look at properties. We’ll refer to your calendar to ensure that we set appointments that work for you.
  • When you can’t be interrupted, your calls won’t go to voicemail. Instead, we offer 24/7/365 live answering, so your clients can always speak to a friendly human.
  • If our professional team can field a client’s questions with the information you’ve provided, we will. If you’ll need to speak to the client yourself, we take accurate messages for you.

In commercial real estate, first impressions and personal connections can make all the difference to your success. Instead of worrying that you might be missing important calls while focusing on other aspects of your business, leave your phone calls in our reliable hands.

Choosing the Right Answering Service

AnswerHero knows that real estate deals can be time-sensitive. That’s why we never let your calls go to voicemail.

Other answering services offer a recorded greeting. Callers are encouraged to leave a message.

Our virtual receptionists are poised to meet every call you receive with a live greeting. When calls are met with a personal, professional live person, clients will rest assured that you are always there for them.

AnswerHero Can Help

As a commercial real estate broker, you’re a busy, on-the-go professional. Don’t let your phone calls go to voicemail when you’re out of the office or can’t be interrupted. While you keep right on working, AnswerHero will expertly field your calls.

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