Answering Services for Interior Designers

woman working with color samples for selection

When the creative juices are flowing, you don’t want to be interrupted with phone calls. Instead, let AnswerHero handle your phone lines so you can focus on creating inspiring spaces.

  • Both current and potential clients call to set appointments for design consultations.
  • New clients call to get estimates and overview of services.
  • Clients also call to ask questions about their current project.


Interior designers must stay in touch with clients—but not at the expense of the creative process. Whether you’re working on-site or in your office, if you’re in design mode, it’s best for someone else to handle the phones.

  • AnswerHero will answer every one of your calls with a live, professional voice. We’ll be the first point of contact for new clients, increasing the chances that they’ll select your design company.
  • We can use your calendar to schedule appointments for design services.
  • Our professional receptionists will take detailed messages, so you’ll know what questions, comments or concerns your clients have about their projects.
  • With bilingual services, we can help both your Spanish-speaking and English-speaking clients.

When you rely on AnswerHero for your receptionist needs, you’ll never have to break out of your creative mode to answer the phone. You can trust that your calls are being professionally handled by our receptionists.

Choosing the Right Answering Service

With AnswerHero, every call is received by a live receptionist. Your phone lines will be staffed by professionals 24/7.

Other services simply lead your clients to voicemail boxes and impersonal menus of options. These answering services lack a human touch and can turn potential clients away.

AnswerHero not only greets your clients with a friendly voice, but our trained receptionists are also prepared to provide accurate, professional responses to your clients’ questions.

AnswerHero Can Help

As an interior designer, your priority is the creative process. Let us man your phone lines so no call will go unanswered. You can focus on designing while our professional staff mans your phones.

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