Appointment Setting for Dentists


When you have a one- or two-person dental office, it can be tough for your small staff to attend to patients who walk into the office while they’re also answering the phones, answering questions, and setting future appointments.

Appointment Setting for Your Dental Care Office

Your staff has to deal with patients walking in for their appointments, paperwork for insurance companies, and a legion of other tasks. While many tasks have to be handled by your experienced office staff, others can be done by an experienced call answering service like AnswerHero.

Our appointment setting service will free your staff to do the work they’re best at handling. We will answer your phones as well as take messages. If patients are trying to make appointments, we’ll have access to your appointment calendar and make those for you. You’ll let us know what time you’d like to schedule procedures, and we’ll follow your guidelines. Find out more about our appointment setting service.

Office Tasks Done to Save Time

Along with appointment setting, there are times when your office staff is performing tasks that are time-consuming instead of helping you with your practice. Instead of getting pre-approval for procedures from the insurance company, they are confirming customer appointments and answering simple questions that an answering service can handle for you.

Having a bilingual answering service is vital if you’re dealing with the public. We can provide information to your patients when they call. With our service, you can provide 24 hour service to your patients. When they call with emergencies overnight, we can fit them into your schedule seamlessly based on your prior instructions.

Our office staff can help yours to run more efficiently when we take away the time-consuming, mundane tasks that only take up your talented staff members’ time and energy. Give AnswerHero a call to see exactly how we can help.

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