Why Your Business Needs Bilingual Answering Service

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The economy of today is global. This means more interaction between cultures and countries. In the U.S. in 2018, about 67 million spoke a language other than English at home, and at present, the Hispanic population rests at about 18%. Serving customers in different languages becomes essential to removing barriers to a wider audience, and a bilingual answering service plays a vital role in this.

Why an Answering Service in Spanish Is Essential

For many businesses, answering after-hours calls personally isn’t an option. And since 80% of clients decline to leave recorded messages for the voicemail box, voicemail isn’t an option, either. That’s where a 24-hour answering service catches a lot of bilingual business that you would otherwise lose.

A bilingual answering service serves this purpose. An answering service in Spanish acts as a live virtual receptionist that can answer questions, take down information, schedule appointments, and send relevant replies via email or text. 

How Bilingual Services Boost Business

Bilingual virtual receptionists make customer assistance available at all times. Let’s investigate some of the value these virtual receptionist services bring to a business.

Bilingual Services Promote Positive Reviews

In our online world, unhappy customers are more likely to post reviews than happy customers. And when 86% of potential buyers think twice about making a purchase from businesses with negative reviews, it’s crucial to avoid negative reviews.

Bilingual services show Spanish-speaking customers your business takes time to make sure they get a positive experience they can share. Marketing research found that Hispanic consumers prefer personal connections in business. Call answering in Spanish does just that by fostering bilingual business relationships. Friends and families who learn about these great experiences may be more inclined to call as well.

Service in Spanish for a Growing Hispanic Economy

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A bilingual answering service engages a steadily growing part of the economy. Buying power among the Hispanic community is growing quickly. From 1990 to 2020, buying power increased by 719% from $0.21 trillion to $1.72 trillion. In addition, Hispanics represent about 18.6% of the U.S. labor force as of 2020. Losing track of these bilingual business opportunities with Spanish-speaking customers could mean a significant loss in money.

Your Business Saves Money While Increasing Profits

Just the fact that your business can serve a larger and multilingual customer base means it will have more sales. Setting up a strong translation department through answering service companies can get a lot of traction in terms of profits.

It’s also a good ROI. A virtual receptionist company already has a staff of trained agents available 24/7, and it doesn’t involve the tax and health-benefit costs of a salaried in-house team. Consequently, outsourcing with a bilingual call answering company provides a cost-efficient solution.

Using a bilingual call answering service for both business and after-hours calls accommodates important demographics, including a significant Hispanic population. Implementing these services engages a quickly growing Hispanic economy and gets a competitive edge on leads, customers and vendors where other businesses might not have acted.

That’s why it’s important to implement a phone answering service for small businesses that offer a high level of proficiency in not only multi-language communication but also customer service.

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