Bilingual Call Answering for Cleaning Services

male cleaning service

With a cleaning service, it’s important to have an answering service that speaks the language of your customers. Customers who speak a language besides English will appreciate that you have an answering service that will answer their questions and give them a great experience.

Lead Capturing

When you offer customers a phone number to answer their questions 24 hours a day, you’re going to have an edge over other cleaning services who operate their offices only during certain business hours. Whether it’s referrals or inquiries into hiring your company, we can field the questions potential customers may have. Customers want to hear a real voice on the other end of the line. They might not want to search for answers on a website. They want to talk to a real person. Find out more about our lead capturing services.

Bilingual Call Answering

When you have a team of operators who read, speak and write Spanish and English, you’ll have the ability to give all your current and potential customers access to your services, which increases your brand. When you have more customers, through word of mouth, you’ll increase the amount of customers too. Find out about our bilingual call answering services.

Message Taking

Along with lead capturing, you can use the services of a call center for message taking. At any time, you can direct your phones to the call center so you don’t miss any phone calls. We’ll take messages or perform other tasks that you deem appropriate for our call center. When calling a business and getting voice mail, people most often won’t often leave messages. They might then forget to call back or head to a competitor. That won’t happen with our message taking services.

With AnswerHero, you’ll get Spanish and English speaking operators to field all your incoming calls.

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