Bilingual Call Answering Services for Insurance Companies

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Insurance-related calls can be some of the most difficult to take. You either need a great technical and legal knowledge to answer questions or you need to help calm down a stressed-out caller. Whether your company is working with claims, trying to capture new leads or just wants to sell policies over the phone, we are here to help. Learn how investing in a customer service department can help your insurance company thrive in a competitive marketplace.

24-Hour Communication in English and Spanish

One of the defining factors of good customer service is how quickly you are able to address important issues. If you are working on claims, for example, you need to reduce waiting as much as possible. No one wants to be in an accident, put on hold for an extended period of time, and then get a representative that they can’t even talk to. While machines can help sort some of these calls for quick processing, having a complicated automated system can confuse and irritate customers.
That’s why the most successful insurance companies choose to outsource their customer service to call centers. This allows them to not only have 24-hour availability, but ensures that a bilingual representative is there to answer the phone. This helps you dispatch calls faster and ensures a better customer experience.

Customer Care Doesn’t Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

Professional customer care representatives can be very expensive to hire individually. You need to conduct interviews, negotiate rates and benefits, and make sure you have coverage for peak hours. When you work with a company like AnswerHero, all of this hard work is eliminated.
Because AnswerHero already has bilingual representatives on staff, they can offer you services immediately. They use a simple upfront pricing strategy and don’t require a contract. With no setup fees or holiday fees, you can get started as quickly and as cheaply as possible.
To add to the value of having a call center for your insurance company, AnswerHero includes a slew of features with each subscription. Free local phone numbers, email delivery, text delivery and summary reports help you stay in touch with the department at all times. Call routing, dispatching and transferring services help callers get to the right representative fast. Urgent call answering helps you enhance your image as a caring company.
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