How Your Company Can Use Call Center Services in a Natural Disaster

With the threats associated with global warming on the rise, the intensity of storms and other natural disasters is on the rise, and studies show they are expected to continue to increase in frequency. As a result, an influx in customer service calls made by victims on the path to recovery has been experienced. During…
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How Call Center Answering Services Work

Most jobs allow professionals to only work during certain hours. Most office work, for example, can be done during a typical workday. For some fields, however, there may be a demand for service at unusual hours. Doctors, for example, often have to be on call to help patients who are dealing with medical problems at…
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Customer Service At Its Finest

Trying to run a business and keep everything afloat is quite a challenge; especially with the way the economy is today. Running a business from home is even tougher. Work can keep piling up all hours of the day, the phone is ringing off the hook and you just can’t seem to find a moment…
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