The front desk of a primary care physician’s office has many different duties and functions. Staff is responsible for greeting people, giving them the necessary paperwork to fill out, notifying physicians or nurses that the patient has arrives, booking follow-up appointments and keeping files organized.

During busy times, when the phone rings it can be disruptive to take the calls but it can be just as time-consuming to let them go to voicemail and have to call the person back.

What can be done?

Should more staff be hired during busy hours?
Should more staff be hired if a receptionist is out sick or on vacation?
Should more staff be hired if the practice is growing?
Not necessarily.
Instead of hiring additional staff and adding to your overhead, why not consider a virtual receptionist or call answering service for those times when:

Your receptionists are tied up with patients
There is a sudden influx of patients or calls such as at the beginning of the day
It’s a weekend or public holiday
AnswerHero routinely helps Doctors offices by providing friendly, efficient virtual receptionists who can schedule appointments, do follow-up appointment reminders, take messages and route urgent calls when your staff is tied up or unavailable.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take one of the biggest tasks off your team’s to-do list each day and free them up to focus on their other responsibilities?

Peace of Mind

Your patients will receive personal, helpful service from your live virtual receptionist service. When they talk to an AnswerHero team member, they’ll receive the full attention of that representative, who will help them set up the best appointment time for their schedule.

Greater Patient Satisfaction

Sick or hurt people want to be seen as soon as possible, and they often don’t want to wait until regular business hours to set up appointments. With AnswerHero’s 24-hour answering, patients can call anytime to book office visits–an ability that grants them peace of mind. They’ll sleep better knowing that the doctor is all set to see them the next day.
The AnswerHero team also specializes in message taking. Therefore, patients who call to set up an appointment can rest assured that special notes they have for the physician’s office will get passed on accurately and efficiently.

Plus, AnswerHero provides appointment booking services in both Spanish and English so their team can communicate in your patients’ language of choice.

With 24/7/365 service, accurate message relay, and bilingual call answering, AnswerHero will increase your patients’ satisfaction with the appointment-booking process.

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