Call Answering Service – How It Can Benefit Immigration Attorneys

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Tracking down immigration attorneys after hours is often tricky.  However, a large number of law firms now use personal answering services.  These services help assist the immigration attorney’s clients after hours.  The following are a few tips regarding how to work with answering services to locate immigration attorneys after the business day is done.

Immigrants must work through the process of gaining residence or citizenship through their immigration attorney.  Usually, simply calling an attorney to make an appointment for help with your legal matter starts the process of protecting yourself.  If you need help after normal business hours, you can still contact your attorney’s answering service who can both provide you with the needed assistance at that time and place.

For answering services used by immigration attorneys, the following requirements are vital to ensure both the attorney and answering service can assist the client.  The answering service should be bilingual, English and Spanish, to ensure clients for whom English is a second language can communicate clearly.  Also, the answering service should operate 24/7 to ensure no call is missed.  With a bilingual answering service, the staff there can work with the immigration attorneys to translate a client’s communications, whether it be over the phone or in print.

When calling an immigration attorney after hours, it is important to understand you are more likely to speak with the immigration attorney’s answering service, and not the actual attorney.  The receptionist taking the call will collect your contact information and provide everything to an employee working at the firm.  This person will then contact you and discuss how the immigration attorneys at their office can assist you.

Clients must be comfortable working with the remote answering service to provide all of the necessary details within your message.  Avoid giving away personal information, but still ensure you give the remote receptionists how urgent the current situation is, and how quickly you need the immigration attorney to return your call.  If you cannot receive a call (for example, you are in jail), you must tell the answering service this so they understand you need help immediately.  Top-quality answering services working alongside immigration attorneys understand the best way to make sure the immigration attorneys are best able to assist you.

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