Call Answering Services for Towing Companies

Tow truck towing a broken down car on the street

Often, when treacherous weather hits, one car after another ends up in a ditch. Before you know it, your towing company’s phone lines are ringing off the hook. How can you handle this influx of calls?

If you are responsible for answering all the calls yourself, you’ll have to let them go to voicemail while you are in the middle of a towing job. Even if you have receptionists, they can quickly become overwhelmed by the demands of a day like that.

Call answering services provide a solution that works for towing companies of all sizes. AnswerHero’s virtual assistants can field all your calls or serve as a backup service when the load becomes too much for your normal answering staff to handle.

Always There for You

Car emergencies can happen day or night. Whether a driver gets in a crash or has a car that won’t start, he or she wants to get a hold of a towing company as soon as possible. Often, the first company to answer the phone is the one that will get the business.

Virtual assistants from AnswerHero can increase your company’s lead capture. 24/7/365, your calls are always answered in a few rings and never go to voicemail. The result? You secure more business.

Our 100% bilingual services include setting appointments and taking messages. If a call is urgent, we can route it to you.

Grow Your Business with AnswerHero

When calls are promptly answered by friendly, helpful professionals, clients feel valued. This makes them more likely to recommend you to friends. When those friends call you for a tow, we’ll be there to take the call.

We make it easy for your business to rely on our services. Our pricing is simple and upfront, and we don’t charge extra for evening, holiday or weekend services.

AnswerHero’s virtual assistants can provide peace of mind for both you and your clients.

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