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How Lawyers Can Build a Bilingual Practice Using a Virtual Receptionist

Any entrepreneur will tell you that taking a business to a level of consistent profitability almost always requires outside help. No matter how skilled and talented the business owner is, there simply aren’t enough hours in a given day for one person to do everything necessary to advance their business. They may be able to…
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The Benefits of Virtual Receptionist for Attorneys

If you are an attorney and you are either practicing solo or part of a small practice, then you know how important it is to make sure that you present yourself professionally. Part of that comes down to having a receptionist on hand to answer the phone—potential clients do not want to have their calls…
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How a Virtual Receptionist Service Can Help Attorneys

There are many reasons why a law office might consider contracting the services of a virtual receptionist: Regardless of the reasons that a firm might prefer to employ a virtual receptionist, one thing is sure and that is that a receptionist often is your firm’s first point of contact with a potential client. One can…
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