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Live Answering Services for Doctor’s Offices

It’s a fact: people prefer to speak to people rather than automated attendants. AnswerHero has a proven track record of providing answering services to the healthcare industry. With AnswerHero as your partner patients will always be able to hear the voice of a live person on the other side of the line. Fewer and fewer…
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Call Answering Services for Health Insurance Providers

The Affordable Health Care for America Act or “Obamacare” made a lot of changes to the medical industry, and it has left some people very confused. They have tons of questions and need someone to provide them with answers. If you are a medical insurance company, your phone has probably been ringing off the hook.…
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What to Do When Your Medical Receptionist is Overloaded

In a busy doctor’s office, it may be unreasonable for a medical receptionist to take all the calls coming in. These professionals need to balance their time on the phone with greeting patients while also managing various office duties. In addition, demand for service 24 hours a day can cause a human resources headache. Many…
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How to Organize a Small Medical Office

Time constraints force office managers to juggle an enormous number of duties. A proper medical office setup will lead to a more streamlined and successful practice down the road. Without a scheduled strategy to organize and prioritize your office tasks, you can easily forget about important meetings and assignments.  This leads to more stress and…
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Managing High Incoming Calls in a Medical Office

Many practices complain about the volume of incoming telephone calls and how much time their employees spend handling them. Instead of continually adding more employees to handle more calls, smart practices are determining ways to reduce the volume of telephone calls. In this article, you will learn how to: Many practices complain about the volume…
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How a Medical Answering Service Can Help Doctors

Being a doctor is a big challenge. Your brain and body need to be active at all times and ready for action at any given time because your patients’ health lies in your hands. This is why doctors are passionate about their service and passionate about life. The best doctors can be quantified by the…
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