Elements of Success: Step 3: Getting The Help You Need


A growing company cannot be a one-man show. To serve an ever-increasing number of customers–and do it well–you must have quality employees on your team. These people will be responsible for carrying out tasks and conveying your brand’s image, so it’s important to hire well. Here’s how to attract and select the best candidates.

Look for These Qualities

1. Soft Skills
Also known as social skills, these are personality qualities, such as how a potential employee relates to others and how he or she communicates. In the video “Hiring Skills for Employers and the Job Application,” HR professional Lourdes Ortiz explains how leaders can use the job application to help evaluate an applicant’s soft skills.

2. Passion
To find people who fit into your company’s culture, look for people who care deeply about your mission. Stephen Covey explained passionate employees this way: “Their fire comes from within, not from without. Their motivation is internal, not external.”

3. Attitude
An employee with a positive attitude can learn just about any skill set, so it’s important to evaluate a candidate beyond the abilities and accomplishments listed on the resume. Find employees who are flexible and open to learning new things, and then equip them with the knowledge and skills to be successful in your company. Consult references to get a feel for a candidate’s attitude. Conducting role plays in the interview process can be beneficial, too.

How to Attract Strong Candidates

Employees with exemplary soft skills, deep passion, and a can-do attitude are some of the top candidates for any job position, so how can you interest them in your company? Make your job listings appealing to potential hires by doing the following things.

  • Put your listings online. They should be mobile-friendly, too. At least 28 percent of American job seekers use their phones to help them find new positions.
  • Make it about the candidate. Your job descriptions should focus less on what you expect from your employees and more on how a role in your company will benefit them.
  • Maintain your reputation. Candidates seek out information on what current and past employees have to say about working for you. If your current employees are critical, evaluate how you can improve their workplace.

A strong company is built on strong employees. Good hiring practices will help you attract and select the best candidates.

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