Five Benefits of Virtual Receptionists

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In the business world, virtual receptionists are rapidly replacing traditional receptionists. Companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of hiring out virtual workers. This is especially true for small businesses, for various reasons. Here are the 5 major advantages of hiring virtual receptionists.

1. 24 Hour Service.

Having a 24-hour answering service can be extremely beneficial for a business. Calls can be answered after business hours, on holidays, and over weekends. Virtual receptionists are able to cover all hours of the day and all days of the week. For businesses that depend on answering customers at all times, this is vital. You never have to worry about a missed opportunity again with 24-hour call answering.

2. No More Menial Tasks.

Virtual receptionists are able to take care of some of the more mundane tasks that take up your staff’s time.  Time is money, and workers need more time for more productivity. Virtual receptionists can take care of urgent calls, appointment setting, and lead capture.

3. Less Costly.

This may be the biggest reason virtual receptionists are becoming popular. Businesses are discovering how much money they can save with a call answering service. A 9 to 5 receptionist requires a salary plus benefits for vacation, healthcare, and time off. And let’s not forget employment taxes. Call answering services like AnswerHero offers simple, upfront pricing at a fair rate.

4. Great Customer Service.

Business owners need the face of their company to be as inviting as possible. Call answering companies typically train their receptionists to have the utmost professionalism. They understand that customer service is the key to building a loyal customer base. Virtual receptionists, just like traditional receptionists, will greet customers courteously and help clients in the best way possible.

5. Virtual Work is Simplified.

Hiring a virtual receptionist is not nearly as complicated as it sounds. All a business owner needs to do is find a quality enterprise that has virtual receptionists. AnswerHero offers a range of monthly plans and services to suit the needs of a wide variety of clients.

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