Four Reasons Why Answering Services Boost your Business

Vector flat customer service concept

Forwarding your office phone to a virtual receptionist can help increase customer satisfaction and boost business levels.  There are several reasons for relying on an answering service.  Call centers have trained agents who can cover for one another while each person takes breaks for lunch or other reasons.  They also cover each other on holidays and can cater to clients overseas who happen to be on different time zones.


  • Professionally Trained Receptionists Answering All Calls:  Call centers agents are provided with extensive training prior to taking phone calls.  They are then given information about your company, who works there, what kinds of specials you offers, and other information pertinent to your business running.  This contributes toward a positive experience for your customers, making them more likely to return.
  • Agents Recognize Importance of Paying Attention to Detail:  When customers call your company, they want immediate assistance, and they want an associate who is trained and capable of answering their questions.  Occasionally, clients will call in angry, so agents taking these calls must remain calm and collected while the aggressive customer explains what has gone wrong.  The longer the client waits, the angrier he or she becomes.  Answering services train their receptionists to answer calls quickly and maintain a positive and professional attitude when dealing with difficult customers.  As aggressive clients interact with patient and polite associates who go above and beyond to provide assistance and right what went wrong, the customer often finishes the call in a better mood than it began.  Therefore, virtual receptionists help retain clients so they continue to do business with your company.
  • 24/7 Availability is Important for Businesses:  Many companies, especially small businesses, cannot provide 24/7 customer service.  However, with an answering service available around the clock, customers can always call in and have an agent service their needs.  Having a virtual receptionist who is always available to assist your clients can put your company a step ahead of your competitors, and bring you business that might have otherwise gone to another store.


Providing Basic Details and Information about your Company:   Answering services ensure there are always professional and friendly live operators always available to address your customers concerns and questions.  These operators are able to provide your clients basic information related to your business including hours of operation, promotions and upcoming events scheduled by your company, and give customers email addresses to departments that most closely correlate with their concerns and reasons for calling.

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