6 Ways Answering Service Can Grow Your Business

6 Ways Answering Service Can Grow Your Business

Your business is leaner and better when you are spending smarter. One way to improve your business operations both in terms of cost and effectiveness is to enlist the help of a phone answering service.

Keep up With the Changing Business Landscape

Nobody quite knows how the pandemic will end up changing the way that we do business in this country. We know that things will never be the same again, but the extent of the differences is still not fully understood. One certain thing is that business operations will become more spread out and dispersed.

The days of businesses working out of one central office with all of their employees there are drawing to a close. Some companies are completely forgoing office space and going fully remote. The pandemic has taught them that they can maintain their continuity of operations while not working out of the main office. There are other businesses, however, that have kept going to office space and have not missed a beat.

One aspect that businesses are dealing with currently is phone calls. Traditional phone answering is inescapably expensive. So long as you have an employee performing this task, there are few ways to cut costs. This ends up being a sunk cost for your business that drags down the bottom line.

The longer you have someone answering calls, the more you have to pay. If you want this ability 24 hours a day, it will cost you a pretty penny. However, you may be afraid to have the phone manned for any less than that because you do not want to risk missing out on any business.

Here are six ways that live virtual receptionist service can help you grow your business.

1. You Can Cut Your Business’s Footprint

This is exactly where an answering service helps you. Companies that do maintain office space will be looking for ways to cut back. There is simply no need to pay for all of that space and incur the expense of keeping a large office when the pandemic has proven that people can effectively work remotely. Thus, the demand for offices should fall in the future. You can expect that many businesses will try to get by with minimal space.

Accordingly, more than ever, companies need the necessary resources to conduct as much business as possible off-site. One of the services that companies will find crucial in the changing landscape is a virtual receptionist service.

You Can Cut Your Business's Footprint

2. Customers Can Reach You at All Times

The key to being able to keep a thriving remote customer-facing business is the ability to communicate with them as if you have a central office. Customers need to be able to call your business and have those calls answered live as if everything’s the same as before. This means that, even if their concerns are not answered on the spot, they spoke to a live person and know someone will return their call as soon as possible.

Missed calls and messages equate to missed opportunities. Customers who cannot contact you or try and fail are likely to be the ones that you lose. As a business, you need to provide clients with certainty and continuity. They need a reliable way of getting in touch with your business to keep coming back.

3. You Can Cut Your Costs

At the same time, having employees dedicated to taking calls and managing your communications can become expensive. Each employee needs to be paid their salary, benefits, and the office expenses. Making other employees answer the phone takes them away from duties that could directly produce revenue. Thus, you need to balance the concerns of reliability with costs. This is even more so the case during an economically uncertain time.

A office answering service will provide business continuity at a lower cost than having an employee physically answer the phones. Employees who answer the phone are part of the business’s cost center. In other words, every single support position is one more person who needs to be paid but cannot produce revenue for your company.

This is not to say that your business should not hire support people. Having a certain amount of people to handle the operations of the business is a must. However, your company needs to be smart about how many people it hires for these functions. An answering service / virtual receptionist service can fill a need or supplement your operations. If you have the ability to cut costs in this area without compromising your business operations, you should jump at it.

4. Your Employees Can Be More Productive

The person who sits answering the phones generally must sit and wait for the phone to ring. They often cannot perform any other task because they could be interrupted at any moment. This means that they end up sitting idly for a large part of the day waiting for phone calls. This is not an optimal result for your business.

This is exactly where a phone answering service can help your business. In some ways, it acts as a force multiplier for your company. You can ensure that a critical operations function is fully staffed without tying up valuable employees.

5. You Maximize Your Administrative Budget

A phone answering service gives you more bang for your buck when it comes to administrative functions. One mistake that people make when thinking of a office answering service is that they associate it only with answering the phones. The truth is that this function can do so much more for your company. It can act as a full-fledged virtual receptionist or as an answering service.

Where this function benefits companies is in its flexibility. You pay for as many services as you need for the time that you want. You do not need to have wasted time or resources. So long as you are paying for the service, your customers can also have a way of reaching you 24/7.

You Maximize Your Administrative Budget

6. Your Company Is Professionally Represented

Moreover, you can count on the office answering service to represent your company professionally. They are trained and provide your business with high-quality service. You do not have to worry about whether your customers are being treated well because this is what the answering service does every day.

You also do not have to worry about a single receptionist being overwhelmed and missing calls. The worst thing for your company is when the person answering the phones cannot keep up with the incoming calls and places people on hold. This is when you lose business. A live receptionist service will be staffed to handle all the incoming calls as you receive them.

Making your business as virtual-friendly as possible is a good thing, especially during the pandemic. This is an opportunity to figure out where you can better your service and cut your expenses. Now is when you need to take a top-down view of your entire business and figure out how you can do things smarter.

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