Hurricane Matthew Is Bearing Down—Don’t Let It Disrupt Your Business


If you are a businesses owner who has lived through major weather events you know that the impact of even a regular storm can be severe while the impact of a hurricane can be catastrophic.

Taking care of business (your livelihood) while taking care of yourself and your family (your life) can put major strain on your business during a severe weather event.

Good News: You Don’t Have To Do It All Alone

AnswerHero has helped countless businesses just like yours ride out storms by providing reliable, professional call answering services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during severe weather events as well as disaster recovery services afterwards.

Call 1-888-974-2567 to find out how you can be prepared.

In an emergency, you or your staff might not be able to get to the office and answer the phones. With a virtual answering service, no one needs to choose between staying safe or keeping the business running.

We make sure that no call ever goes unanswered. We provide information and forward emergency calls according to your specifications.  Your life can go on and when the storm has passed you can simply pick up where you have left off.

Even If You Can’t Take Calls, Your Business Can Continue to Function

Your clients or customers will appreciate the reassuring voice of one of our trained and friendly agents answering your phone.  Whether the staff needs to provide information, set up appointments, or forward emergency calls, nothing is left to chance.

When you put a plan in place, you will gain tremendous peace of mind so that you can keep yourself safe without worrying about detrimental effects on your business.

Don’t Hope For The Best—Put A Plan In Place Right Now

Be proactive. Get this taken care of today so that you can have peace of mind right throughout the hurricane season.  It’s too late when a storm is upon you. The time to put your plan in place is now, when you are thinking of it and while you have time.

It’s Easy And Quick

Signing up and setting up is quick and easy. We are here to answer every question and walk you through the process.

To learn more contact us.

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