How Medical Answering Services Work

Happy medical team using headsets

If you want your practice to thrive, a professional and friendly office staff is vital. As technology advances, more practices are choosing to hire answering services over hiring an in-office receptionist. One reason for this is because answering services often provide several tiers for customer service, which doctors can upgrade or downgrade based on changing needs.

Basic Answering Services

A basic answering service provides a remote receptionist who will take calls on behalf of a company, take a detailed message, and then deliver it via email or text to the appropriate person. If the call is an emergency, such as in the medical profession, the operator can route it to an on-call provider.

Appointment Scheduling

If you have your own practice, employing a detail-oriented appointment setter is of utmost importance. These services provide an appointment scheduler who will access your calendar and schedule all appointments. They can usually verify a caller’s insurance, process credit cards for payment, and send appointment reminders to both the caller and the doctor.

Nurse Triage

An office that opts to subscribe to a nurse triage package will be able to give patients access to a Registered Nurse 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Patients can receive advice on basic medical care and learn when they should see the doctor or go to an emergency room.

Things to Consider

If you are a doctor, you should be sure to choose a virtual office staff that specializes in the industry. These remote workers will have knowledge of the appropriate terminology and understand the laws surrounding sensitive patient information.

AnswerHero provides live virtual operators who are trained and experienced in the medical industry. Their team always provides timely, professional, and compassionate service. Hiring a remote receptionist is easy to do and often more cost-effective than hiring in-office workers. All you have to do is pick your plan to get started!

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