RSVP Services for Holiday Parties

office holiday party


It’s coming up on the time of serious holiday parties. If you’re the planner for your company’s Christmas party, you’ll have to perform all the functions as well as your regular job duties. It can be quite overwhelming. The same is true for brides who are handling their own winter wedding. There are so many details to track and oversee that many things can get lost.

RSVP Services

Imagine that you’ve sent out hundreds of invitations to your event then weeks pass before you realize you need a count of the attendees for the caterer. You’ll have to sift through the envelopes or emails and try to do an accurate count while time is ticking away.

With RSVP services from AnswerHero, you will have your own toll-free number to print on your invitations. Once you’ve set up the service with us, you can decide if you’d like to be notified by email, text or fax each day with the names of people who have confirmed or denied. Learn more here about our RSVP service. You can even get invitees to specify meal preferences etc.

Bilingual Operators

For those attendees who might not speak English, we have bilingual operators to handle your English and Spanish phone calls. All your guests will be treated like VIPs. Find out more here about our bilingual services.

Save Money and Time

With a toll-free number, your potential attendees will be more likely to make the quick phone call to inform you of their choice. We’ll be able to take the list of those who haven’t responded and call them for you. This will free up even more of your time and give you an accurate count of the people who will show up at your party or event.

AnswerHero’s RSVP services for your holiday party makes sense when you have so many other things on your plate.

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