In recent weeks, the Coronavirus has been affecting everything globally, it has brought on uncertain times. Covid-19 preparation is essential in making sure you and your business doesn’t miss a beat. At Answer Hero, we are here for you, no business is too big or too small, we work with most types of businesses from legal to healthcare. We provide around the clock service with assistance with your phone calls in the instance that you may deal with being short-staffed and may have more of your employees working for home.

We can fill in the blanks for you, we provide many services that can help you and your business stay afloat 24/7 during this COVID-19 epidemic. With a Traditional answering service or even a 24/7 Virtual Receptionist that is bilingual and can handle the overflow and make sure those calls don’t go to voicemail. Our professional agents can be the backbone for your company as we can handle any situation even after-hours calls. We even handle emergency call answering with routing to on calls so all customers and staff can stay in touch if a disaster were to occur.

With Answer Hero handling all emergency call answering for you and your company, we have all the necessary resources to weather whatever storm comes your way. In the case that a catastrophe hit your systems, calls will be automatically routed to us and in turn, your calls will be handled as per your instructions. We can take a message, patch a caller, relay a message or almost anything you need. We can assure our clients that we are fully prepared to ensure that your services will be uninterrupted. We have equipped ourselves with more staff to make sure we are ready for any kind of illness in our organization or any employee that must stay home mandated by local authorities. With Answer Hero we are the remedy for Covid-19 preparation and can be the cure you need.

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forward your number

Forward your existing number to us and all of your calls will be forwarded to our team of agents.


We Take Your Calls

As soon as a call comes in, our agents promptly answer on your behalf, based on the custom instructions you provide


Receive your messages

A full record of the callers information and action made is sent to you by email, text, fax and/or secure message.