Spanish Lead Capture Service for Immigration Attorneys

Immigration law

Whether you’re starting out as an immigration attorney or have an established practice, handling phone calls effectively is crucial to building your business. Missed calls, mishandled calls and language barriers undermine your ability to convert leads into clients. A superior answering service with a bilingual staff trained to handle calls for immigration attorneys captures leads to maximize your revenue.

Call Answering and Your Bottom Line

People calling for help with immigration issues are often experiencing strong emotions. They may feel under threat and have difficulty trusting a stranger. Any obstacle put in the way of a caller can cost you a possible case. Obstacles include:

  • Difficulty with anyone answering the phone, including an immigration attorney, who is unable to communicate effectively in the caller’s language.
  • Having to deal with voice mail.
  • Reaching an answering service that is unable to provide information.
  • No answer at all.

Callers under stress who experience these frustrations are likely to call someone else for help.

Our Proven Service Solves These Problems:

  • Being harried with trying to handle all calls personally in a one-person office.
  • Hassling with being understaffed or overstaffed in your efforts to keep the phone covered without wasting money on more employees than you need.
  • Insufficient Spanish language skill that may confuse or offend people who would otherwise choose your legal services.
  • Communication and organization lapses that can lead to an attorney being unprepared at meetings with clients.

To increase your office’s telephone effectiveness, you need people answering your phone who can make a positive impression on your callers, give out information and perform effective intakes.

Benefits of the Right Answering Service

Our comprehensive service provides complete protection from missed, misdirected or voice-mail-answered calls. We make a good impression with a confident and friendly phone manner and clear information specific to your law practice. We overcome the language barrier with staff fluent in Spanish. We perform professional intakes so you’re properly prepared.

Even attorneys who have bilingual staff can benefit from having the right answering service. Call AnswerHero to experience an increase in your rate of gaining new clients by phone.


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