Spanish Speaking Call Answering Services for Companies

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Good customer service is the defining trait of the world’s most successful companies. If you want to ensure that every customer is satisfied, you need to improve the customer experience as much as possible. For some, this simply means offering extended customer care hours. Most companies; however, have to improve their communication as a whole if they want to succeed. Lean more about the importance of good communication and the role it plays in customer service.

Make Sure People Can Understand You

The truth is that not everyone in the United States speaks English as their primary language. With the number of Spanish-only households rising, it is important for companies to prepare for change. This means hiring bilingual associates that can communicate with the majority of your callers.

When you call someone who doesn’t understand you, it is easy to become frustrated or confused. By ensuring that you have Spanish-speaking reps, you are reducing the confusion that arises from when someone does not fully understand the language being spoken. This improves the accuracy of your customer care which saves you time and helps you to better resolve problems.

Multiple Choices for Customers

Offering a bilingual service is actually very easy and takes no time away from your English-speaking customers. In fact, most people calling a customer service line expect to be greeted with a prompt “Press one for English or two for Spanish”.

With bilingual representatives, you are also able to take care of people who push the wrong button. The representative can quickly recognize that they are speaking Spanish or English and change their language appropriately. This is particularly useful for those speaking a blend of English and Spanish, who may not have been able to communicate with someone who only spoke one or the other.

Make a Better Connection

It’s no secret that offering better customer care can help you make a better connection with your customers. Having both English and Spanish representatives available to answer calls 24-hours a day can show customers how much you care as a company. This doesn’t just help you capture new leads or take orders, it helps you build lasting relationships and improves your reputation.

Becoming a bilingual company is a lot easier than you think. AnswerHero offers affordable bilingual call center solutions that can help companies of all sizes appeal to their customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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