Tax Preparers: Help is Here!

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Tax season is in full swing and as a tax preparer, you are being inundated with last-minute calls. There is no better time to hire a 24/hr answering service.

What an Answering Service Does

A professional answering service does far more than just answer the phones. Consider them your business’ virtual receptionist that can handle any task an in-person receptionist customarily performs. Think scheduling, call transfer, message taking, and much more.

An answering service can help you…

Gain New Clients

When prospective clients dial your number they expect immediate service or they will move on to the next tax preparer on the list. They have put their taxes on the back burner and now have no time to waste getting started! Letting calls go to voicemail loses you customers and ultimately, long-term revenue.

  • Prospective clients will talk to a real person who offers a business-specific greeting, can schedule appointments, will personally relay messages or transfer calls, and are trained in lead capture.
  • With a 24/7 answering service, clients can talk to a real person any time of the day.

Maintain Your Business Flow and Keep Your Sanity

There is no doubt that this is crunch time. A professional answering service allows you to focus on running your business in this busy time without having to worry about your customer service suffering.

  • Prioritizing is essential as a tax preparer. An answering service allows you to easily manage your messages and communicate with your clients in order of importance.
  • An answering service is the most affordable option. Doing without any sort of call answering help loses you money in the long run while hiring a receptionist is expensive and only works 40-hour weeks.

AnswerHero can help your business grow and thrive this tax season. Check out our comprehensive services today.

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