The Importance of First Impressions

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First contact with a business for a prospective client forms the basis for all future interaction. Within the first few minutes of contact a potential customer will likely decide whether or not to continue with the relationship. While ideally every client’s first conversation would be with a seasoned customer service professional that cannot always be the case. In the event a customer calls when normal staff is unavailable, a professional answering service can help solidify a positive first impression.

As technology has advanced customers and clients expect more and are less tolerant of subpar customer service and lacking professionalism. A potential client who calls after hours and is greeted with a robotic voice or even worse, endless ringing, is apt to never try back. Customers expect to voice their questions and concerns to a live person who will address them in a prompt, courteous and professional manner.

A professional answering service address all these issues and allows potential clients to feel both respected and valued, regardless of the time they call. A calm and confident human voice can often pacify even the most anxious and high maintenance of clients. Having a human voice that can express empathy and concern shows the potential clients a business is genuinely concerned with their opinion and concerns, leaving a dramatic and lasting impression.

A negative first impression by a client can have far reaching impacts on a business. One brief phone call can translate not only into the loss of that clients business, but that of their entire professional and social network as well. Conversely, a positive first impression often results in recommendations and referrals. That same brief phone call can be the catalyst to close a deal and bring in even more clients.

In a continually evolving business world landing new clients and developing professional relationships is becoming significantly more competitive. A first impression can easily be the weighing factor in a client’s decision to sign or take their business elsewhere. Having a human voice available for response at all times can help ensure a potential client walks away from their first contact with a lasting and positive impression.

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