Top Reasons to Consider Bilingual Answering Services

Se Habla Espanol

Are you an attorney that has contemplated employing a bilingual answering service to serve the growing Hispanic community in your area? Considering call centers serve to connect customers with a specific type of law firm, having an answering service that is bilingual and/or Spanish speaking best ensures any calls that are coming from clients who can only speak Spanish, but need help with divorces, bankruptcies, immigration, personal injury claims, and criminal defense do not result in lost business for the attorney.

When you are ready to hire a bilingual answering service, make sure the call center’s employees are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The call-takers should be trained to help fulfill all customer requests accurately and promptly.   Other advantages relating to choosing a bilingual answering service are listed below.

Reduces Caller’s Hold Time

Using a bilingual answering service significantly reduces the callers hold time since there will be no need to transfer him or her to another agent who can speak his or her language.  This helps give the client a great first impression of your firm.

Improves Language Skills for Call Center Agents

Call center agents who can already speak two or more languages are given ample opportunities to improve upon their own speaking skills as they interact with clients speaking a different language.  This in turn will benefit the your legal practice, your prospective client, and the agent taking the calls.

Global Outreach

Through the use of agents at bilingual call centers, your law firm can offer your clients service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  These call centers have the capability to assist individuals from all around the world.  Bilingual and/or multilingual call centers provide a more personalized means of communication by being better suited to handle a greater diversity of clients.  This improves customer service and positively represents vital values in the business world.

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