Virtual Receptionists for Day Spas

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Even small day spas can get bombarded with calls. People need to schedule consultations, make regular appointments and learn more about what you have to offer. If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to address every customer promptly and professionally.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always practical to hire multiple receptionists or customer service representatives. While your staff can multi-task, their focus should be on helping those already in the spa. Working with a virtual receptionist service can help you quickly address these concerns without disrupting the flow of your workplace.

Change Your Schedule Anytime, Anywhere

As a busy day spa, you likely have hundreds of existing customers that can call you for an appointment at any time. While your spa hours may be 9 to 5, people might not have time to change or make an advanced appointment during those hours. 24-Hour answering services allow your customers to constantly have access to your scheduling services.

Stay In Touch with Prompt Message Taking Services

Not every caller wants to make an appointment; some may have personal requests that they need to tell their technician in advance. Message taking services allow your customers to get their message to you at their convenience, without you having to physically be on the phone. Messages can arrive via email, text, fax or call routing depending on your preferences.

Deliver the Information Callers Want

Day spas offer a very diverse range of services, which can often raise questions. Even if you don’t offer medical spa treatments, potential customers will want to know the details of what you have to offer. Virtual receptionists often act as customer service representatives, explaining everything your clients need to know before their first appointment.

AnswerHero Virtual Receptionist Services: The Practical Choice

It can be difficult to outsource a crucial part of your business to a service. You need to be willing to trust that you are working with professionals that can properly represent your business. AnswerHero is an experienced company that works with several businesses to ensure they are always delivering quality customer service. With their expertise and upfront business model, you can quickly get the virtual receptionist services you need to be successful.

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