4 Best Features of an Answering Service for Small Businesses

If your small business is looking to expand and grow, then reaching out to clients and customers is the next big step. There are many positive aspects to using a 24/7 call answering service, especially for a small business looking to make that next leap forward. The following four changes you will notice when you start using our call service will make all the difference for your company.

1. Efficient Call Patching with a Virtual Receptionist

With a full-time answering service, customers and clients will receive an immediate connection to you and your staff. When call volumes rise, it can be hard for a single front desk receptionist to handle incoming calls, patch them through, and maintain a quick and orderly lobby for visitors. Switching to outside help makes the entire process much smoother and more pleasant for everyone in the telephone chain.

2. Ease Scheduling Bottlenecks

Do you or your receptionist find that you are spending entire mornings catching up on last-minute voicemails from the night before? Do you ever wish you had more people to book appointments, but you cannot afford the extra staff?

Our 24/7/365 call answering staff is your solution.

They provide the extra help you need to keep up on demand for your services without forcing you to pay extra to bring in full-time individuals. By working from a unified calendar, your own schedulers and ours will work together as a team.

3. All Calls, All the Time

For a monthly fee, you can have people answering calls whenever your clients and customers need to reschedule or book a last-minute appointment. It is a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time staff to do a part-time job in the evenings or over holidays but prevents you from missing out on that extra appointment your customer needs.

4. Save on HR Expenses

Few small businesses have extra cash floating around, so money has to be spent wisely. By using our virtual receptionists, your in-house administrators can focus on tasks that need to be done on-site, and not on things just as easily handled offsite.