In the real estate industry, there is no such thing as a 9 to 5 job. Experienced real estate agents are fully aware that business happens after hours as well as during weekends and holidays. They also spend a significant amount of time tending to current clients and their needs, showing them properties, dealing with paperwork, and updating listings. This leaves little to no time for other essential tasks that need to be done.

If you own a real estate agency and you’re facing challenges like these, our answering service for real estate can have a positive impact on the way you run your business.



Call Routing and
Transferring Phone Calls


Message taking


Appointment Setting


Lead Capture


Bilingual and Translation Services

Reasons You Need an Answering Service
for Your Real Estate Agency

Generating new leads or attending to the many obligations that come with having a busy real estate agency is virtually impossible without extra help. Hiring new employees who will take care of the more tedious tasks might be an option for your establishment, but for most, it’s just not a viable option financially, especially if you’re leading a small-scale operation. By hiring a real estate answering service, you’ll gain all the benefits of hiring a full-time receptionist, but at a fraction of the cost.

AnswerHero™ can help qualify real estate leads and generate new business, answer frequently asked questions that prospective clients may have before deciding you’re the right agency for them. Are you worried about missing the opportunity to schedule an appointment with an important client? With our lines open 24/7, your clients will always be able to reach you. This will basically transform your business into a 24/7 real estate agency, meaning you’ll never miss out on new opportunities.

Streamlining your business allows real estate agents to focus on the more critical tasks, resulting in a better performance overall. Instead of multi-tasking, they’ll be spending time on what matters the most, and that is closing deals. As for everything else? Leave it to a successful answering service like AnswerHero™.

Are you a property manager? Managing a residential or business property requires extensive multi-tasking and perfect time management. Apart from your everyday tasks of managing properties, your phone probably doesn’t stop ringing. Tenant and landlords always have tons of questions, and most of those questions have simple answers. We can make sure to handle those frequently asked questions and give vital information for both groups. This way, only the most urgent calls are transferred to your office.

With AnswerHero™, you have more control over your schedule. Whether you choose to spend more time on your personal life or focusing on other aspects of your business is up to you, but you can rest assured knowing that your clients can always get valuable information and that you are not missing out on future business opportunities or letting your current clients down.


Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate
Answering Service

Real Estate Lead Capture

You spend hours making sure that you’re marketing your business, but if you’re currently showing clients various homes, you’re not in the office.

When leads come into the real estate agent’s office, they have questions. They want to make sure you’ll be able to help them. These leads need to be captured in a timely manner. Otherwise, these potential clients will call another real estate agent, and you’ll lose that client. It’s a competitive environment, and you don’t want to lose your leads to another agent. Based on your needs, feedback and guidelines, we’ll be able to qualify these leads for you.

Virtual Office Solutions

Some real estate agents don’t work for large offices. They have little to no staff. The agent handles every task, and there are bound to be tasks that fall through the cracks. At a certain point, you have to hire someone to help. We can be that solution for you.

Whether it’s answering phones, capturing leads, or making your appointments, we can be your entire office staff. In some instances, we can make phone calls to survey potential clients too. Even emergencies can be handled by our team. Don’t lose any business to competitors. Our staff can help you stay in touch with current clients as well as capture leads from future clients.

Cut Costs, Make More

Hiring a receptionist or an in-house answering service might be a viable option for some companies, but for most, it just does not fit in their budget. With AnswerHero™, you’ll receive a level of service that’s unprecedented in the real estate industry.

Our goal is to meet all your needs, but also work out a plan that is cost effective for your business. By accepting us as part of your professional team, you will be cutting costs and making more because every call will be answered!

Sound More Professional

If you run a small business, multi-tasking answering your phone with all the paperwork, listings, and current clients is not only impossible but can also give the wrong impression. By hiring a professional real estate answering service, your business sounds more established and will give your new clients the confidence to choose you as their representative.

Every Call Will Be Answered

For businesses that want to be available every minute of the day, we offer 24-hour service so their clients can always receive valuable information or schedule an appointment at the last minute. Your schedule will always be full, and while this might sound like a bad thing, our shared goal is to maximize the efficiency of your real estate business and gain more profit.


Who Can Benefit from Our
Answering Service for Real Estate

Property Managers

The life of a property manager is not an easy one. The responsibility and all the nuances of taking care of a property can be challenging, not to mention the emergency phone line that never stops ringing. Our goal is to make your job less stressful and allow you to focus on the tasks that need your immediate attention.

We will handle your call answering, making sure all the tenants and landlords receive the information they need. These are usually questions that are asked on a regular basis. We will also filter calls by priority, transferring the ones that are an emergency directly to your mobile phone.

Tenants and landlords want to count on you 24/7. Sometimes they need information about the property in the middle of the night. Our agents are always available, providing 24-hour service to your clients.

Don’t worry about appointment scheduling, AnswerHero™ will take care of that as well. We’ll leave the property showing to you.

Real Estate Offices

Bigger real estate offices might be able to afford extra staff to handle their call answering and appointment scheduling, but if you’re on a tight budget and looking to cut costs, our call answering services are just what your business needs. Your agents are always on the field, doing property showings, updating listings, and working with current clients.

Generating new leads while closing old deals is not always possible. That’s why you want to have AnswerHero™ on the front line of your agency, answering those important calls that could bring in more business.

Need help with your schedule? We can manage your appointments with direct access to your calendar, giving you and your agents real-time information on when is the next property showing scheduled.

Remember, even if you are running a small-scale agency, with a live call answering service your business will feel more professional and established.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents have enough on their hands already. Helping someone buy their new home or sell their old one requires dedication, up-to-date knowledge of a market that’s always changing, organizational skills, and impeccable sales techniques. Even when the sale is complete, there’s tons of paperwork left to be done. By having your own answering service, we make your job easier, handling all the incoming calls and introducing your services to potential clients.

When working in the real estate industry, time is of the essence. Sometimes clients make decisions in the middle of the night, but can’t reach you and change their mind by morning. Maybe they are contemplating on buying a property, but are missing one piece of information that’s crucial to sealing the deal. Our team is available 24/7, always ready to help your clients and expedite the closure of the deal.