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Answering Service

Days, nights, after hours, weekends, holidays – our virtual receptionists are here to help answer your phones and ensure that your business never misses a call.

No voicemails or automated answering machines. Our elite team of LIVE virtual receptionists will answer every call when you can’t, helping you run your business smoothly.

Si, hablamos Español! (Yes, we speak Spanish!)

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We Provide Bilingual

Our virtual receptionist are fully bilingual and ready to help your business assist your Spanish Speaking customers. We can help your callerswith a variety of different service, of course all in Spanish, such as:

  • Spanish-English translations
  • Taking down messages
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Capturing lead information
  • Patching calls
  • Handling after-hour and overflow calls
  • And more…

Our agents are your agents, show your Spanish-speaking customers you care

52 mil

people in the US speak Spanish. Making it the 2nd most spoken language in the country.

Don’t Let Your Calls Go Unanswered!

How It Works

Forward Your Number

Forward your existing number to
us and all your calls will be
forwarded to our team of agents.

We Take Your Calls

As soon as a call comes in, our agents
promptly answer on your behalf, based
on the custom instructions you provide.

Receive Your Messages

A full record of the callers information
and action made is sent to you by email,
text, fax and/or secure message.

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Do You Need a Bilingual
Answering Service?

The answer is yes. We live in a society that has a diverse
customer base and there shouldn’t be any barriers that keep
your business from reaching a new market: including any
language barriers. Having a bilingual team on your side helps
you reach a broader audience and increase your profit margin.

Our 24/7 LIVE virtual receptionist are all trained to work
around the clock, greeting all your customers with a
professional and friendly introduction to your business. We
help all businesses including:




Real Estate


Health Care




Service Providers



Stop worrying about not being able to service your Spanish speaking customers or losing potential business and start enjoying your peace of mind. AnswerHero will make sure all your calls are handled professionally in both English and Spanish.

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Regardless of the industry, if you are working with people – your success depends on being professional and responsive to your potential customers and clients. When you use an answering service that has bilingual operators, you’re telling your customers that they matter to your business.

Providing friendly and professional services in Spanish and English shows that your company values all of its clients equally. On top of that, it shows that you seek to provide the best service possible.

Fully Bilingual and Expertly Trained

With our fully bilingual team ready to assist you, you will never lose another customer or client to the competition because of the inability to communicate. You will also never have to wonder whether the people you do business with understand what you are trying to convey.

AnswerHero™ has fully bilingual agents to make all your current, and potential clients or customers, feel heard and valued.

Small Business Benefits

When your business chooses a bilingual answering service, you’re opening doors of opportunity to a new segment of your market. Answering services that are able to serve all your customers demonstrate a commitment to detail, precision, and quality customer service. Spanish-speaking operators can help serve your business by answering questions and taking messages in a language that your Spanish customers are comfortable with.

Translation Services

With AnswerHero™, you have the benefit of our fully bilingual agents helping translate any calls you might get. You don’t have to let the language be a barrier in your business dealings. Have one of our agents present during a conference call to make sure that nothing gets lost in translation.

Advantages of a
Bilingual Answering Service

Whether it is helping with disaster recovery, taking messages, setting up appointments, or relaying messages to your top people, a Spanish-English answering service is going to increase customer confidence.

AnswerHero™ can provide all the services you need with the help of bilingual operators who can communicate clearly, efficiently, and expertly with all your customers or clients.

What Can We Do for You?

Our bilingual team is here to help you run your business by making sure nothing gets lost in translation. We can do everything from taking messages to providing customer support when needed. The best thing about this concept is the seamless integration into an already existing system.

The business landscape is constantly changing, and if you want to stay relevant in the massive sea of similar agencies, it is of utmost importance that you take your whole business to a new level by integrating bilingual call answering service.

Reach a Broader Audience
and Increase Your Profit Margin

One of the biggest reasons why most people decide to expand their business and integrate innovations is because most of them are looking to reach a broader audience and, consequently, boost their profit margins.

More than 1/5 of Americans speak Spanish at home. While the vast majority of them speak English as well, they feel much more comfortable when speaking their native language. By doing so, they are able to present their requests clearly and without having to worry about the operator’s inability to understand certain phrases.

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