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Why do I need a Virtual Receptionist Service

From capturing potential leads to assisting your existing clients, it's essential to your business to have someone answering the phones 24/7.

AnswerHero™ virtual receptionists act as an extension of your team to provide the support you need to ensure every call is answered during the day, after hours, and even during holidays. The result — your business answers every call, captures every lead and takes advantage of every opportunity.

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100% Opportunity

Receptionists provide that first human interaction at your business — the same applies over the phone. A virtual receptionist from AnswerHero™ welcomes your callers with a friendly voice and customized greeting. Our highly trained, 100% bilingual agents are always available to answer your phones when you need it the most.

Eliminate Distractions with Peace of Mind

Our live virtual receptionist service offers you the ability to focus on your business’s core activities. Our service can help you manage your inbound calls, handle overflow calls and provide your clients with a friendly voice ready to assist.

Investing in a professional phone answering service is absolutely essential to growing your small business or startup. That’s why so many companies are turning towards our Virtual Receptionist Service.

Stop worrying about missed calls, increase your productivity and provide a better experience for your clients. If you are looking for a friendly and experienced remote live receptionist service that will answer all of your business calls, look no further than AnswerHero.

How Does A Live Virtual Receptionist Work

To us, our virtual receptionist service is a trusted extension of your team. We entrust friendly and enthusiastic people to take on virtual receptionist roles for that positive first impression.

When you begin working with AnswerHero™, our team takes the time to learn about your business, your goals, and your needs when it comes to a live virtual receptionist. We’ll discuss how you want us to handle the different types of calls you receive, the information you would like us to gather, the common types of calls you receive and how you would like us to handle them, to best service any potential prospects or longtime customers.

We take this information and develop a custom greeting and instructions for the virtual receptionist account, so all calls are answered every time. From remote live answering services to appointment scheduling, our virtual receptionist services are customized to fit your business needs, save your team time, and ensure you do not miss out on potential new clients.

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Virtual Receptionist Services Tailored to Your Business

At AnswerHero™, we know all businesses are different, and we customize our solutions to work for you. 

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    We’re Available 24/7, you forward your calls at your discretion whether call forwarding unconditional, call forward busy or call forward unavailable, we’re here to help.

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    Virtual receptionist during business hours, after-hours, weekends, holidays, and more

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    Overflow and High Volume Call Forwarding solutions

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    Virtual switchboard for routing high volumes of calls to the appropriate destination

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    Spanish translation services

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    Message taking, appointment setting, lead capture, intake questionnaires

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    Assist with inbound call handling needs with customized call handling instructions

Our virtual receptionist plans can fit any budget according to your needs. We collaborate with you to determine the best approach for your business so our services offer the most value.

Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist Service Setting A Positive Experience With Virtual Receptionist Service

Appointment Setting

A caller's first interaction sets the tone for the overall experience of your business. Our live virtual receptionists offer a friendly professional greeting, consistent message and handle the call based on your instructions. With 24/7 live virtual receptionist options, you can extend your offering beyond your working hours and on holidays. Ensuring Every Call Every Time.

Your longtime customers will be more inclined to remain loyal to your team when someone always picks up the phone with consistent service. Prospective clients will have a positive first impression interacting with a friendly professional live person, instead of voicemail, ensuring no new opportunities are missed.

You can gain peace of mind and stop losing frustrated callers to a language barrier as well. Our virtual receptionists are 100% bilingual to make sure every English and Spanish-speaking caller feels heard. In fact, an AnswerHero™ receptionist can even be your translator if you lack a Spanish speaker on your staff.

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Choose AnswerHero™ for a 24/7 Virtual Receptionist

Choose AnswerHero™ for a 24/7 Virtual Receptionist
Virtual receptionists create a consistent experience while answering every call. Capture your leads, earn revenue, and grow your business with a virtual receptionist from AnswerHero™.
Contact us today or review our service plans to begin enjoying the benefits of a 24/7 bilingual receptionist.