AnswerHero™ has helped numerous companies in the IT and Technical Support industries provide flawless customer service during times when call volume is high or during after-hours when staff might not be readily available to take support calls.

Our agents are trained to follow protocols and provide information to clients and customers in a friendly, professional manner, ensuring that their problem will be attended to in a timely manner. Making sure that customers and clients feel that their issue is being dealt with is good business practice for any company in the IT or Technical support sector.



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Transferring Phone Calls


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Bilingual and Translation Services

Reasons Why You Need Answering Services
for Technical Support and IT Companies

First and foremost, our main goal at Answer Hero is to deliver the same level of quality as your in-house technical support team provides on a daily basis, starting from the familiar greeting and friendly tone that your customers and clients are accustomed to.

A high percentage of calls can be closed by the first line of technical support, in this case, our team. Our technologically savvy agents can troubleshoot or offer workarounds and resolve simple issues without any intervention from your own staff. The instructions for these repetitive and straightforward issues can be provided by you, as well as guidelines that regulate what type of incidents should we try and resolve by ourselves, and what should we forward directly to your own technicians.

This means that only cases that require in-depth knowledge will be escalated to your available service technicians who are more adept at resolving them. Optimizing your IT company in such a way will result in more efficiency, hence more profit, without sacrificing the quality of the service your clients receive.

Some clients might need IT and Tech support urgently, especially if there’s a major catastrophe like a server wipe or a critical hardware failure that renders their operation inoperative. In cases like this, your clients and customers expect responsiveness and a quick fix for their problem.

We’ll talk to the clients and ensure them that the issue will be resolved while simultaneously escalating the incident to the appropriate channels, based on the criteria you’ve determined beforehand, or directly to the service technicians responsible for handling such cases.

If there’s an emergency, a meeting, or a crisis in your IT company, we can perform the function of your virtual receptionist. We’ll make appointments with your clients, take messages if they can’t wait, or transfer calls to the right person in the event that the request is an emergency. The virtual receptionist will answer calls and perform the tasks that you’ve laid out beforehand. Our agents will be on alert 24/7, so even after your business hours are over, we will be holding the fort.


Benefits of a Live Answering Service
for Technical Support and IT Companies

Most companies hesitate in hiring external help without considering all the benefits. Having a live answering service means every time a client has contact with your company or brand, there is a live person on the other end of the line, making sure your reputation is intact and representing the values your company stands for.

Here are some additional benefits you should be aware of:

Answering Service That Is up to Your Standards

When considering outsourcing a part of your business, the first thing that comes to mind is the lack of control and the risk of harming the reputation of your company that you worked so hard on building.

With AnswerHero™ there is no such thing as a compromise when it comes to the quality of service that we offer. You can rest assured knowing that your clients are receiving the same treatment they have been accustomed to. Our shared goal is to create an efficient technical support system that works flawlessly.

Optimizing Your Company’s Workflow

When you have your technical support specialist resolving hundreds of tickets while also answering your phone calls, e-mails, and messages, you’re not really utilizing him/her in the right way. Instead, let us be the first line of your company and handle all the inbound channels, allowing your professionals to focus on what they do best – eliminate technical issues.

You Pick The Plan

One of the best perks of hiring AnswerHero™ is the flexibility that characterizes our service. No long-term contracts, no hidden costs, and definitely no hassle of going through endless piles of paperwork. You choose one of our monthly plans that best fits your needs, or we can even discuss a custom plan that covers exactly what you need. With AnswerHero™, it’s all about making your job easier.

24-Hour Bilingual Support

Hardware and software issues can happen at any time of the day or night, so having a live answering service handling distressed clients and their requests is better than greeting them with a voice machine.

Our agents can familiarize themselves with simple and frequent issues and resolve them quickly or notify the appropriate technician as soon as he clocks in. Not only do our agents work around the clock to satisfy the needs of your clients, but they are also proficient in two languages – English and Spanish.

Find out why AnswerHero™ might be the partner your IT company needs. Reach out to us, today.