Most legal firms are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of both existing and new clients. Sometimes, it’s quite hard to handle everything at once, especially when it comes to answering hundreds of calls and micro-managing schedules.

If you’re running a law practice, and are struggling to keep up with the pace, don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us handle some of the workloads.



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Reasons Your Law Firm
Needs Answering Service

Not all law firms can hire a bunch of people and make them answer phones, make appointments, and manage schedules. Smaller companies tend to struggle with the lack of staff, especially when it comes to the position that requires a trained professional.

In case you’re struggling to see the advantages of this service, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider integrating an answering service:

Clients Need 24/7 Support

This is probably one of the most important reasons to incorporate an answering service into your business. While it’s great to serve your clients during work hours, it becomes a nuisance to deal with it after work. In fact, it’s often simply not feasible to manage every aspect of your business outside normal business hours.

Communication Improvement

Missed calls, overseen emails, and untaken messages are not a rare occurrence in today’s world. However, missing an important call can seriously jeopardize both your income and reputation. Of course, it can and will happen, but you should aim to minimize such practices and improve upon them.

Opting for a legal answering service will eliminate this problem altogether. When you have a person who is dedicated to a single thing throughout the day, rest assured they will do their job professionally and up to the highest standards.

It Saves Money

Hiring someone in-house, training them, and making sure they are keeping the quality standards on par with your requirements is not only expensive but also not economically justifiable for smaller businesses.

That’s why it’s usually a better idea to outsource your customer support and answering service, and let the trained professionals take control over that aspect of your business. Naturally, AnswerHero™ agents will follow your instructions and requirements, and won’t make arbitrary decisions.

Decreases Stress Levels

The vast majority of entrepreneurs struggle with high levels of stress, for obvious reasons. If you’re one of those people, the best course of action you can take is to alleviate some of that stress by dispersing responsibilities across the board.

In other words, if you opt for AnswerHero™ legal answering service, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the aforementioned service, and you can rest assured it will significantly boost your reputation.


Benefits of Hiring AnswerHero™
for Your Law Office

There are quite a lot of advantages to having an answering service, regardless of the size of your business.

Here are a couple of notable benefits you should be aware of:

Professionalism Matters

The vast majority of your clients, if not all of them, want to be treated with respect, care, and in a professional manner. While this isn’t much of a surprise, to begin with, it’s sometimes hard to execute, especially if you’re planning to hire new staff and train them yourself.

With AnswerHero™ you don’t have to worry about these issues. We already have a team of trained people who are experienced and know how to handle a variety of different situations. Professionalism matters, especially in today’s world full of saturated and established markets.

Connection with the Client

A well-trained operator will always know how to approach a certain situation and make the client feel appreciated and respected. In contrast, an inexperienced operator might get confused and struggle to react appropriately to a certain predicament.

While mistakes happen even to the best of the best, it’s crucial for the business to make sure those mistakes don’t happen frequently. Establishing a somewhat personal connection with the client is a good business practice, and it has been proven to help even in the direst situations.


Hiring another company to handle a particular aspect of your business will not only cut some costs, but it will also allow you to opt in or out whenever you deem necessary. In other words, you don’t have to go through a hassle of terminating your employee’s contracts whenever the season ends, or whenever you feel like they are redundant.

With AnswerHero™, you have the freedom and flexibility to “rent” a service with little to no obligations. It’s by far simpler than going through the hassle of employing somebody just to terminate their contract a few months later.

Productivity and Efficiency Boost

AnswerHero™ allows you to alleviate some of the pressure off your shoulders and dedicate your time to more important aspects of your business. This consequently leads to the improvement of both productivity and efficiency. Needless to say, this should also significantly improve your profit margins.

While most of this is possible to achieve by training and hiring a new employee, it’s much more of a burden to execute. In comparison, hiring and training can take weeks, while opting for an answering service takes less than a day.


Who Can Benefit from Our Legal
Telephone Answering Service?

Large Law Firms

If you’re running a large firm, then you probably know how complicated things can become, especially when it comes to managing employees and making sure everyone is being taken care of.

On top of that, large businesses face a massive challenge of having to cater to a broad circle of people, who are either a potential or an already existing client. This causes congestion, and it can significantly slow things down.

In order to prevent that, many large law industries LLC decide to opt for a telephone answering service and mitigate some of the pressure. Furthermore, large firms tend to have a colder relationship with their clients in comparison to smaller companies. You can change this by hiring trained professional agents who have years of experience in this business, and are familiar with the do’s and don’ts.

It’s easy, seamless, and most importantly – affordable.

Smaller Law Practices

Small law practices usually struggle to justify the employment of a new individual, especially if they require training. It’s often an endeavor that requires quite a bit of time and money. On top of that, it usually ends up being economically unfeasible for a small firm to hire a dedicated employee for every position.

AnswerHero™ offers a pretty simple solution – opt for our answering service plan, and you won’t have to worry about staff or lack thereof. Furthermore, you don’t have to waste resources on training a new employee as all of our agents are already trained and have a lot of experience in this particular field.

It’s always a better idea to let the professionals handle a particular aspect of your business that requires you to train other people from scratch. It’s much faster, more productive, more efficient, and most importantly – by far more affordable.

Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers are the ones who never stop working, even after work hours. Given that it’s already a sufficiently stressful job, it’s safe to say that you don’t need to deal with another layer of stress known as staff management. What makes immigration lawyers somewhat special is the fact that they have to be available 24/7 for their clients. In other words, the concept of free time is relatively non-existent if you’re an immigration lawyer.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stress over every facet of your business. In fact, it’s quite a bad business practice to try and keep every aspect of your business under control by yourself. That’s why our answering service is the best course of action you can take in order to mitigate some of the stress that comes with the job of being a lawyer.

Having an answering service also allows you to deal with more important stuff instead of dealing with phone calls, messages, and emails.


If you’re an attorney, then you’re probably being swarmed with dozens of calls on a daily basis. Naturally, that kind of pressure is a challenge to handle, and it often leads to issues such as exhaustion, high levels of stress, and can even cause serious health concerns.

In order to make things a bit easier, you should consider opting for our legal answering service. It allows you to do your job without worrying about logistics, sudden influxes of new clients, and it helps improve your reputation. Our operators are professionals and are trained to handle a vast variety of situations, ranging from emergencies to answering simple questions.

Time is a precious resource in this business, and lack thereof will affect your wellbeing as well as your profits. The more time you have to dedicate to the specific aspects of your job, the more successful your business will be.