frequently asked questions

No, we do not charge any setup fees. Our sales and customer care team will work with you to determine your specific needs and design an account around those needs. We strive to ensure you are fully satisfied with your account and that the service is adding value to your business operations.

No, we don’t believe in contracts. We stand behind our service and want you to be happy. We ask that customers provide us a 30 day (or more depending on the plan) notice of cancelation so that we can adjust our staffing appropriately.

Yes, our agents can patch calls to you or any destination you want. If an agent transfers a call to you or to someone with your organization, there will be charge of $0.06 per minute once the caller is connected and the agent is off the phone. We do offer lower patching rates if you commit to a certain quantity of minutes. (We charge this to cover the cost of using two phone lines to connect your caller).

No, we answer your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for no additional cost

We bill for work time (the time we spend on the phone with your caller and servicing the call.) The plans are purchased in minutes, however we deduct agent time in increments, so you pay less for calls. On average most calls last less than one minute, depending on what our agents are instructed to do. For example if a caller asks just for your business hours it may only take seconds to tell them and you would only be deducted for that of time.

If you use more minutes in the month than your plan includes, the additional minutes will be billed on the next invoice at the overage rate included in your plan.

Just select the plan you would like above, enter some basic information about your business and payment information and we will begin creating your account. Once you have answered the questions you will be called by an account setup specialist to review your account and create your instructions.

We assign each account a unique, local forwarding phone number. Our call management software identifies the number and your specific account details are presented to the agent answering the call. You simply forward your calls to that number at your discretion: during specific times or days, when your lines are busy, when you have call overflow, when you are unable to answer or all the time.

Call forwarding is a standard feature provided by your telephone provider, you simply dial the code specific for your provider, usually *72, followed by the unique phone number assigned to your account. There are a few types of call forward available such as Standard or unconditional call forward, Busy Call Forward and No Answer Call Forward.

You can opt to receive your messages via email, SMS text, fax, by secure message, on your client portal, summarized on a daily report, or any combination of these methods.

Our internal metric is to answer all calls within two to three rings, which is approximately between 8 and 12 seconds, however this can vary depending on how the account is designed and whether or not it includes a pre-recorded announcement prior to the call being routed to an agent.

Accounts may be answered by anyone of our team members, no single person answers specific accounts. Your account may be assigned to a specific team depending on the industry.