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Many businesses, from healthcare organizations to legal practices, deal with confidential or sensitive information. This greater security requirement often leaves you with more considerations when choosing a secure message answering service. AnswerHero™ offers virtual answer services that safeguard you and your customers. Our answering services address challenges like privacy breaches and data theft.

We also have strict security protocols in place to ensure that your data is never compromised. Contact us today at (888) 974-2567 to learn more about our top-rated call answering services.

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One of the most common concerns business owners have when outsourcing their answering services is data security.

Many businesses that work with sensitive information don't trust third-party companies and would rather manage in-house employees. However, using in-house employees can face obstacles such as the significant retention cost and the limitations in the number of employees you can keep.

Secure answering services allow you to overcome the challenges of in-house employees while maintaining the high level of security necessary for your operations.

AnswerHero provides secure call answering services, allowing you to outsource the work. Our professional team will take every step necessary to protect your data and ensure your privacy.

Our secure messaging answering service is designed for mission-critical businesses that need a high degree of security and privacy. Anyone can answer calls, but it takes special training, tools and policies to ensure the highest level of security possible.

At AnswerHero, we take data security and privacy very seriously, and we're proud to offer our clients the peace of mind they need to focus on their business. In addition to having our own secure servers, we use strict protocols to ensure that your data never falls into the wrong hands.

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Why Invest in a Secure Messaging Answering Service?

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a secure messaging answering service today.

Protect Your Customers and Their Data

As a responsible business owner, it is your duty to protect your customers from data breaches. Since the majority of data theft occurs through email and phone communications, it's important to have a secure messaging and call answering system in place. Our services are designed to keep your customer's information safe and protected. When you turn to us for answering services, you know their data is in good hands.

Keep Your Data Safe and Secure

In addition to protecting your customers, it's also important to keep your own data safe and secure. AnswerHero has strict security protocols in place to prevent data compromise. Our live virtual receptionists are trained to handle sensitive information with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Prevent Your Business From Liabilities and Lawsuits

If you ever experience a data breach in the future, your business will be held liable for any damages or lost revenue. Hiring a secure messaging answering service like AnswerHero is an excellent way to prevent liabilities and lawsuits. With our service in place, you can avoid costly fines, customer complaints and lost business.

Increase Customer Confidence

In today's digital age, it's more important than ever to have a secure messaging system in place that helps build customer trust. Our secure messaging answering service is the perfect way to show your customers that you're taking data security and privacy seriously. Your thoughtful decision regarding your call answering service can encourage more customers to choose you.

Gain Secure Reporting

Having a secure phone answering service is only part of the equation. You also need a secure reporting system in place to ensure that all communications are properly documented and tracked. At AnswerHero, we make it easy for you to access all your customer data and reports through our secure online portal. You can also rest assured knowing that we never store any information about your customers.

Who Can Benefit From Our Secure Messaging Answering Service?

Any business that wants to protect customer data and build customer trust can benefit from our secure messaging answering service. However, some businesses may be more likely to benefit from our services than others.

Health Care Facilities

Health care facilities typically handle extremely sensitive data, such as medical records and patient details. It's critical to have a secure messaging and call answering system in place to protect both your staff and your patients from data breaches. At AnswerHero, we have the protocols in place to ensure that all of your patients’ data are always safe and secure. We abide by applicable security regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Hospitality Businesses

If your business is in the hospitality industry, you need a secure messaging and call answering service to protect sensitive information and prevent liabilities. Just one data breach could cost your business millions of dollars, which is why we make it easy for you to provide a great customer experience while keeping your customers' data safe and secure.

Law Firms

Law firms handle some of the most sensitive data in the world, and it's essential to have a secure messaging and call answering system in place to protect your clients. You must abide by state bar regulations and other security standards like the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA). Whether you're a solo practitioner or a multinational firm, AnswerHero makes it easy for you to provide your clients with professional and secure messaging and call answering services.

Financial Companies

Financial companies handle a lot of sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and bank account information. It's essential to have a secure call answering service in place to protect your clients and employees. AnswerHero makes it easy for you to provide your clients with professional, secure phone answering services while ensuring the security of sensitive information in and out of your organization.

How AnswerHero™ Stands Out

As you search for the right company to offer live answering services, you want a partner that can provide excellent security while maintaining a high level of service. AnswerHero meets all of your requirements with benefits like:

  • Security compliance: We adhere to applicable security regulations within your industry, such as HIPAA compliance in health care. Our agents protect sensitive information, including names, birthdays, medical records and legal and financial data.
  • Bilingual answering: AnswerHero provides answering in English and Spanish. We can answer customers who speak various languages, providing a higher level of service.
  • Customization: We build custom call scripts and offer other customization services to meet your requirements. In specialized industries like medical and legal, our personalization capabilities enhance the customer experience.
  • Availability: Rely on us to handle your calls during regular hours, on weekends and holidays. We serve you 24/7, answering every call you receive.
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Our Sensitive Information Phone Answering Process

You can start the answering process by forwarding us your existing number. Once we have your number, we will forward calls to our team of agents. When our agents receive a call, they answer promptly according to your instructions. After each call, we record any information and send it to you using your chosen secure method.

We handle sensitive phone calls with the utmost care, taking steps to verify the caller before we begin communication. Our agents also share sensitive information clearly and respect the caller's privacy. We use secure channels and dispose of notes or records properly.

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

"AnswerHero has managed our overflow and after-hours calls for the past 2 years and exceeded expectations. We manage over 1,800 rental units and they handle calls 24/7. Their bilingual operators are professional and collect all the necessary information. Moreover, changes to our call answering flow are updated promptly and to our exact specifications. I researched many other companies and while others offered elaborate set-up and high-tech features, I went with AnswerHero's because of their staff. The feedback I receive from my clients is always positive and a great reflection of my ability to serve their needs! AnswerHero is a great partner that I am happy to use in my business. Great Job Team!!"

Marko E

"I partnered with AnswerHero to provide quality customer interface as my Reception services. It has turned be one of my best business investments. A professional team provides great quality, immediate transfer of messages for great value. I am very pleased with the responsiveness and attention to customer details."

Daphne L.

"Great service and quality from all staff members! Highly recommend it for all business owners looking for a partner to grow and manage their business!"

Stonecrest Team

"AnswerHero is a fantastic organization. All of my interactions with their staff have had very positive outcomes. They have taken outstanding care of my company's needs while at the same time acting in a very polite, friendly and responsive tone. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional and effective company."

Nick D.

"AnswerHero is staffed by heroes. They help my business succeed. I would recommend it as the best answering service. Thank you guys for all you do!!"

Jonadab F.

"I used AnswerHero for a few months and was extremely satisfied with the service. I strongly recommend it!!!"

Frandley J.

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With our secure messaging and call answering service, you can boost your brand's reputation, protect sensitive business data from being compromised or sold to third parties and decrease your risk of data breaches and costly fines.


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