Coordinating Telemedicine using AnswerHero Virtual Receptionist Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought most of the world to a standstill but, just like in every economic downturn and major historical disruption in the past, there are companies and individuals who adapt.

One of the primary challenges during this time has been for the healthcare industry to rapidly adjust its business operations to allow for remote work, including telemedicine for patient and provider interaction.

Many of our healthcare clients have been using our virtual receptionist services during this crisis to alleviate staffing issues or office closures by having our team of agents trained in various EMR Platforms (Electronic Medical Records) answer the medical practice’s calls and book appointments for telemedicine consultations.

Our Customer Care team worked to rapidly update our other healthcare clients’ accounts to accommodate new procedures during COVID-19. Some of the most important changes we made during that time were to adjust how we book appointments for our healthcare providers. Telemedicine and remote meetings have become the only way for most patients to interact with their medical providers.

We had several clients whose practices were not at all set up for telemedicine. So, what did we do?

  • We quickly adjusted account instructions in our system, so that the patients that called in knew they could still be seen virtually
  • We also worked with practices to update their EHRs to be able to book telemedicine appointments instead of onsite visits and updated our procedures to book those appointments
  • Some practices required additional assistance where appoints that were scheduled like normal AnswerHero assisted by calling the patients to then connect them to the doctor
telemedicine on tablet

This allowed traditional practices to, overnight, change into practices that could do telemedicine.

AnswerHero is here 24/7 for you and your business. Our innovative team stands ready to understand your needs and provide solutions to help your business survive, and thrive, in this unusual business environment.