People in the financial industry like accountants, financial managers, stockbrokers, insurers, and others, understand that talking to clients on the phone is a significant part of every day’s work. However, the time spent on the phone can be disruptive and can hurt efficiency.

Being able to rely on someone else to handle calls and route the important ones directly to you, while taking messages that you can attend to later, allows you to concentrate on the tasks at hand and to be able to finish chunks of work without being interrupted. Whether you have a large or small company, Answer Hero can help by taking calls, answering frequently asked questions, routing calls appropriately, taking messages, and handling urgent calls according to the protocols that you specified.



Call Routing and
Transferring Phone Calls


Message taking


Appointment Setting


Bilingual and Translation Services

Reasons Why You Need Answering Services
for Financial Companies

When you are in the business of handling big numbers, mistakes can be costly. Creating a system that runs like a well-oiled machine is essential if you want to be successful in your respective field. Good Financial managers are great at crunching numbers, but the ones that are truly exceptional at what they do have one trait that separates them from the others, and that is knowing how to delegate tasks appropriately.

Creating an efficient unit is key to your success, but often you lack the human resources to cover everything that needs to be done. In order for everything to run smoothly, you need to seek help outside of your immediate circle of coworkers and add fresh faces to your team.

Outsourcing mundane, but important tasks to highly-trained professionals can significantly help you achieve your goals of running a successful financial company. Being reliable and representing your name in the best possible light is our specialty. AnswerHero™ prides itself in employing exceptional agents that are experienced in professional telephone etiquette and are adept in building a reputation worthy of admiration. We make sure your name demands respect in the financial world.

Is your office phone ringing non-stop and you don’t know what to do about it? Leave it to us to handle all your inbound calls and transfer only the ones that are important. With us prioritizing your phone calls, you’ll be able to prioritize your work, allowing profit maximization and efficiency. Meanwhile, we will be answering all the inquiries your clients may have.

We offer various monthly plans, so even smaller companies can benefit from our services. Our phone answering services for small businesses are precisely what you need if you’re looking for the most affordable way to grow.

Having difficulties managing your schedule? We can help! Our team is trained in creating concise and easy-to-follow schedules that are updated in real time. We make sure that you spend your time in the most efficient manner, hence making more room for your personal life.

Most of the calls clients make are related to information about your services and to find out when is the next opening in your schedule. With direct access to your calendar, we can arrange a meeting with a new client right there, during the call. The only thing that’s left is for you to seal the deal.


Benefits of a Live Answering Service
for Financial Business

Call Routing and Transfer

When all your calls are vital to your business, you want to ensure that each one is handled properly. During our initial meeting, we’ll talk about exactly how you’d like your calls answered as well as how we’ll route them to the proper staff.

For instance, you might want all the calls from certain clients to go to your phone, while other clients can be routed to other staff members depending on urgency. We’ll be able to prioritize and route calls directly to the right staff members based on your guidelines.

Streamlining Your Business

Financial companies often have clients call to ask specific questions about their investments or to find out how the process works in terms of stockbrokers or insurance advisers.

Our agents will be on the frontline of your business, giving out relevant information while recognizing potential leads. These leads will be further directed to your staff members who are authorized to finalize deals. In turn, only a certain percentage of calls made to your office will be transferred directly to you, but every single one of those calls will benefit your company instantly.

Answering Your Calls 24/7

Our agents work around the clock to make sure every call is answered. With AnswerHero™ as a part of your team, you get a dedicated group of agents who are available to your clients 24/7. If we receive a call outside of your business hours, our agents will do their best to ensure that the client receives the information he/she is looking for. However, if it’s a matter that requires your personal attention, we’ll make sure that there’s a message waiting for you first thing in the morning.

Optimizing Your Company

Our shared goal is to grow your company. The growth of a business can be hindered by extra expenses that might have seemed justified at the moment you were making them.

Hiring additional staff to handle all your inbound calls and schedule meetings is an additional cost that most companies cannot afford in the long run. AnswerHero™ can offer you a monthly plan that fits into your budget and leaves enough room for profit. By helping you optimize your business at an affordable price, we directly contribute to its prosperity.

A Bilingual Phone Answering Service

Not all calls are made in English but don’t worry, our dedicated group of agents are well-prepared and can service Spanish speaking clients, too. If you were looking to tackle new markets, our bilingual team is at your disposal. With AnswerHero™, there isn’t a task that cannot be completed.


Finance Businesses That Can Benefit
from Our Answering Service

Accounting Firms

If you’ve been an accountant for a few years now, you are probably no stranger to working late hours, weekends, even holidays. Accounting firms are prone to seasonal spikes, especially during auditing and tax season. In order to catch some sleep, accounting firms usually resort to hiring external help during these busy times.

Finding someone who is a great fit and can pick up on how your company operates straight away is easier said than done. Risking the reputation of your company by hiring someone who is less experienced is a risk you do not want to take. That’s why here at AnswerHero™, we have agents that have helped thousands of accounting firms survive and prosper during their busiest period.

We can help you by handling your inbound calls, prioritizing them by importance, and taking messages in a concise and professional manner.

Insurance Companies

Between handling insurance policies, paying out claims, and finishing all the necessary paperwork for your clients, you also have to think about generating new business and answering a ton of questions. If you own an insurance company, you are probably already accustomed to your office phone ringing non-stop. New clients calling to inquire about prices and insurance plans, or one of your current clients calling to make a claim.

If you’re looking to take off some of that load and optimize your insurance company, AnswerHero™ can offer you all the help you need at an affordable price and without committing long-term.

Accidents can happen when we least expect them. Having a 24/7 answering service, taking calls in the middle of the night shows your clients that you are always there for them, especially in a time of need.

Tax Preparers

When tax season comes knocking on the door, Tax preparers need all the help they can get. There are a few ways to tackle the sudden influx of work, but probably the best way to approach it is to hire external help. If you’re looking to transfer some of that workload, AnswerHero™ can offer you a monthly plan that will make your life easier during your busiest period of the year.

We can assist you with important tasks such as handling your schedule, answering calls, taking messages – basically, everything you would expect from a virtual receptionist. Instead of hiring a new staff member or risking outsourcing to an unknown freelancer, choose a highly-experienced and reputable customer support company like AnswerHero™ to represent you.

Not all taxpayers are English speaking, so having a bilingual team handling all your inquiries can net you even more work than you had in the first place. That’s why with AnswerHero™ as part of your team, your business can only prosper.