One of the most essential tasks AnswerHero™ performs for clients is – taking messages.

With a greeting of your choice, we’ll answer your calls and take a message that is detailed, accurate and provides valuable information about your caller.

Live Operators

When a client or customer calls your company, they want to speak to a person. They don’t want to be put on hold or sent to voicemail. With our service, all your customers will be able to talk to a person. Even if all they want to do is leave a message, they’ll feel confident that someone has heard them and is taking care of them.

Digging Deeper Into the Message

Before letting a caller hang up the phone, we can delve a little deeper into the purpose behind the call. Instead of making them leave a name and phone number alone, we can find out key details about the purpose of the phone call.

Following Your Instructions

By following your instructions we might be able to answer some of the caller’s questions, route calls to the appropriate person, or make an appointment.

Benefits of Message Taking Services

Give yourself a well-deserved break. You can leave the office knowing that no matter what time of the day it is, or how pressing the issue is, there will be someone to take charge, take messages and relay all calls appropriately.

  • If your customers reach a voicemail, they will hang up and call someone else — usually your
    competition. Our answering and message taking service will eliminate this issue.
  • When your customers speak to a representative of your company each time they call, you
    ensure that you receive all messages from all customers, never missing a beat.
  • Calls and messages will be relayed according to your instructions.
  • Calls are monitored for quality assurance purposes.
  • Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, as an extension to
    your office.
  • Your custom greetings and instructions will be used.
  • Our agents are all bilingual.
  • Trained, vetted, friendly, efficient, professional agents are at your service.

No Need to Worry About After Hours

One of the most notable advantages of our message taking service is that it stays active even after work hours. Instead of going through the hassle of answering numerous business calls in your free time, let us take control and do it on your behalf.

Reduces Stress Levels Significantly

This particular advantage is pretty straightforward – the fewer business calls you get after work, the happier and less stressed you will be. While being successful in business requires quite a bit of sacrifice, you should never let it jeopardize your health. With AnswerHero by your side, you’ll get an opportunity to relax and enjoy the rest of your day without stressing over things that haven’t been settled during work hours.

Boosts the Reputation of Your Business

Having a dedicated person to take care of messages 24/7 is an excellent way to boost your business’s reputation. The vast majority of your clients will definitely appreciate the dedication you put into catering to anyone who has a concern or a question, regardless of whether it’s day or night.

Don’t hesitate to incorporate this service into your business, especially if you’re struggling to handle and cover every aspect of your daily obligations.



forward your number

Forward your existing number to us and all of your calls will be forwarded to our team of agents.


We Take Your Calls

As soon as a call comes in, our agents promptly answer on your behalf, based on the custom instructions you provide


Receive your messages

A full record of the callers information and action made is sent to you by email, text, fax and/or secure message.