With AnswerHero™ as your partner, you can run your business without feeling like your business is running you. We’ll take messages, set up appointments, and route important calls directly to your phone, depending on your preferences.

With our professional representatives, we ensure that each call ends up in the right hands, every time.

What Is Call Routing?

Call routing is a service that allows you to run a business without having to worry about a massive influx of phone calls that ought to be answered. In other words, if your business is understaffed, or perhaps you need a lending hand to help alleviate some of the pressure, a call routing service is just what you need.

Our well-trained team of talented agents is available 24/7, and that’s what makes this service a must-have. While you might be capable of withstanding the pressure of dozens of calls during work hours, you can hardly do the same after work. Rather than losing your mind over missed and unanswered calls, let us take care of that aspect, and rest assured it will be handled professionally and up to the highest standards.

What We Do

AnswerHero™ strives to give you the best customer care. What we do is build you a tailored plan to keep your worries to a minimum.

AnswerHero™ will always answer your phone calls in a professional and personal manner. Whatever kind of attention the call requires, we will route and transfer special phone calls to you and your employees, according to your specifications.

A Virtual Switchboard

When the phone lines get busy, we can answer multiple incoming calls and transfer them appropriately, whether that is routing them to a different department or to specific people, thereby effectively creating a virtual switchboard for your business.

Our operating staff will follow your rules and guidelines for every single phone call.

Our unique and customized call routing and transferring services will save you money as well as time. Customers will appreciate the priority their phone calls take and will appreciate you and your business in the process.

Routing Vital Phone Calls

There are times when you need to get away from your business. You could be handling family matters, having vital meetings with your investors or clients, or working with your staff. That means you need someone to take your business phone calls. While screening your calls, we can also route the calls you deem important directly to your phone.

Service Industries

In some cases, your emergency calls should be going to certain members of your staff. If you have a service-based business that requires 24-hour maintenance calls, the calls will need to go to your technicians. We can route the calls to the person you identify and provide you with a detailed log of the calls we passed along to your technicians.

Benefits of Call Routing

There are plenty of benefits to call routing, especially if you’re experiencing a sudden influx of phone calls on a daily basis. Your business will inevitably keep growing, and it would be a good idea to foresee such things and prepare accordingly, rather than solving the issue once it already pops up.

Eliminates Stress

The most obvious benefit is the fact that call routing services allow you to take a break and dedicate your time to other things that may be more important. You will see a significant reduction of stress both in your work environment and on a personal level.

Consequently, you will have more time, and more importantly, more motivation to push some aspects of your business forward that you otherwise couldn’t due to being overwhelmed with stress, tight schedules, and obligations.

No Need for Additional Staff

Hiring additional staff is not only expensive, but it’s also a time-consuming process that requires dedication and quite a bit of attention. More often than not, you simply won’t have enough free time to dedicate to training and quality control, meaning you’ll have to adapt and improvise on the go. Needless to say, that’s not a very promising business practice, and will probably fail.

However, AnswerHero™ is here to get rid of that issue. If you decide to use our services, you won’t have to think about hiring, training, and controlling new members of your staff. Instead, all you have to do is let us deal with the workload, and rest assured it will be handled professionally.

Maximize Productivity

This particular advantage is pretty self-explanatory. By relieving some of the pressure of answering dozens of calls in 10 minutes, you get more time to do things that are much more important. For example, you can’t deal with an influx of phone calls if you’re in the middle of an executive meeting with your investors.



forward your number

Forward your existing number to us and all of your calls will be forwarded to our team of agents.


We Take Your Calls

As soon as a call comes in, our agents promptly answer on your behalf, based on the custom instructions you provide


Receive your messages

A full record of the callers information and action made is sent to you by email, text, fax and/or secure message.