What to Do When Your Medical Receptionist is Overloaded

In a busy doctor’s office, it may be unreasonable for a medical receptionist to take all the calls coming in. These professionals need to balance their time on the phone with greeting patients while also managing various office duties. In addition, demand for service 24 hours a day can cause a human resources headache. Many medical offices do not have the investments to hire personnel who can provide service to patients effectively across different shifts. That is why working with AnswerHero and our virtual receptionist services can help.

What We Do

AnswerHero offers what is known as virtual answering services. These are services that range from scheduling, managing appointments, and answering phone calls. They are handled by AnswerHero as a third party. Instead of investing in a large staff or expensive computer software, AnswerHero provides these services at a fraction of the cost to the doctor.

Services Offered

AnswerHero provides 24/7 answering services by a virtual receptionist so every phone call is answered by an AnswerHero worker. In addition, AnswerHero provides bilingual services for these phone calls so no call goes lost in translation. Scheduling software is also utilized that works with each doctor’s particular schedule. Any scheduling conflict can be easily resolved with a simple email to AnswerHero after which we will contact the patient.

The Care Each Patient Should Receive

No patient should feel like they are not handled with care and professionalism. However, providing receptionist services in-house can cause a lot of problems and costs. Outsourcing these services to AnswerHero not only lifts a huge weight off the medical office, but it will also help the doctor retain patients and capture new ones.

Is your medical receptionist overloaded? AnswerHero can help. Check out our medical receptionist answering services.

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