Welcome To AnswerHero™

Who We Were


Office Sense has been a leading answering solution for all of our clients. After months of consideration and strategic planning, we have decided to undergo a rebrand, changing our name to AnswerHero™.


Why The Rebrand?

As you know, for the past 9 years we have been committed to providing our clients with top-of-the-line answering solutions.

Last year we began considering what the future of our company would look like. We had already begun planning substantial reinvestment in the company with the goal of making our customer experience truly world-class. But first, we decided that if we were going to grow the company to the degree that we have planned we should also reimagine the name of the company.

So, after months of consideration and strategic planning, we have decided that it was time that our brand reflects what we do best: answering our clients’ calls.

We believe that this new brand reflects the commitment and dedication we have to being there to answer every call, every time. We will continue to provide the same exceptional services with the same human touch while improving our service and adding features.

Who We've Become


AnswerHero™ is the leading answering service in the nation. Providing high quality answering solutions to keep your business operating successfully. Our 24/7/365 operation, fully bilingual agents, and state of the art technology ensures that your business never misses a call. We promise that all your calls receive the highest quality of answering care and business class, solidifying your company’s growth.

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