3 Signs You Need a Medical Answering Service

Phone service in the healthcare industry is a vital component of running a medical practice. The first type of communication that patients have with their healthcare practitioner, is usually over the phone, so having an answering service that can hit all the key touch points that both satisfy the patient and the practice is essential.

“A typical provider receives 53 patient calls per day”

                                                                     – SpruceHeatlh

So how do you know that you need a medical answering service?

Your Patients are on hold or worse, go to voicemail!

The worst thing you can put your patients through is an excessive hold time. What’s even worse is for your patients to call and then be greeted by a voicemail. Hearing a voicemail recording and then having to leave a voicemail is a universal sign for “your call may or may not be returned promptly.” That uncertainty is a feeling you do not want to give to your patients.

  • SOLUTION: Around-the-clock reliability, 24/7/365. AnswerHero never closes, which means we will be here to answer all your calls no matter the time or day. Emergencies can happen at any time and your patients need the ability to contact you in their time of need. We are here to answer the call so we can take a message, schedule their appointment, or patch them directly to you.

Urgent calls are being mishandled

Are your patients complaining that their messages are not being received or they are not being placed as a high priority? Your patients are calling you to get help and they would like to know that their emergency will be attended to.

  • SOLUTION: Real-Time Live Messaging. Receiving up-to-date messaging regarding who called and why they called is the foundation of any medical answering service. Physicians and their staff can receive information about their patient’s calls instantly via text, email or fax. It also allows you to filter and prioritize patients’ emergencies effectively.

Your practice is overextended

On average a physician sees about 20 patients a day. It’s clear to see how quickly a medical practice’s time can be occupied doing what they do best: helping their patients.  In addition, on average, a practice receives about 53 patient calls a day. An answering service can alleviate the pressures of a constant ringing phone.

  • SOLUTION: Live Agents who are HIPPA compliant. Here at AnswerHero all of our agents are HIPPA compliant. Both our business and our agents know the importance of keeping patient data secure and private. You and your patients will feel secure speaking with an agent who places the patient’s call and information at the top of their priority list.

For more on how an answering service can benefit your practice, download our benefits sheet below

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