Small Business Owners: Don’t Wait to Get the Help That You Need

At this moment, your office staff is able to stay on top of the phone calls flowing into your business. They can answer customer inquiries, handle complaints, and book appointments if necessary, but that’s on a normal business day. If your employees were taxed with an increase in calls due to new marketing efforts, would they be able to keep up with the calls? If you’re structuring a marketing campaign to gain new business, you should consider outsourcing your phone tasks.

Seasonal Sales Campaigns

If you’re a business owner who sees more business in the spring and fall, you won’t need a full staff of office workers throughout the year. You’ll only need a call service during a busy seasonal sales campaign. A call answering service won’t miss any important phone calls, sales inquiries, or the potential for appointments during a busy sale. You can hire a firm to take messages that will be sent to your staff to handle, or the service can be allowed access to your calendar to schedule appointments.

Influx of Business

When you hire an answering service, you’re getting an inbound call center that can capture leads from your marketing efforts. Many customers don’t want to leave a voice message. They don’t want to send an email. They want a real live person to take their phone call. With an answering service, we can capture leads that will convert into real customers and clients.

A Wave of New Orders

If you have a hot, new product, you might be wondering how your data entry department or office staff will be able to handle the orders. You don’t want to wait until the campaign has started to learn your staff can’t handle the orders. That could mean thousands of dollars in missed revenue. An answering service can provide order processing services and data entry for your new product.

If you have an upcoming marketing event that needs extra office help, you can check out AnswerHero to find out how we can assist your business.